• Dec 3, 2019
Care of the American Akita has features which need to be considered.
it is the best of all for
to support the American Akita in the private sector, however, if you are ready to provide to the pet full physical activities, he will well feel also in the conditions of the city. An Akita — unobtrusive, clean dogs, and houses they are almost imperceptible.
the Important part of care of the American Akita — the correct loadings. Skeleton of the American Akita heavy and massive. Therefore the puppy should not bear excessive physical activity at all. Do not allow the kid to drag heavy objects.
Hair of the American Akita very beautiful, however is simple to look after her, except for the molt period. As a rule, the dog is combed 1 — 2 time a week (in the period of a molt — daily, and even twice a day). Bathe the American Akita in process of pollution (but the most frequent — 1 time in 3 months).

The correct care of the American Akita is inconceivable without hygienic procedures.

Regularly examine ears and eyes of a dog.

Periodically will be required to toothbrushing .

As required cut off claws .

Competent walks — very important aspect of leaving and keeping of the American Akita. Early socialization will significantly facilitate to you life in the future, but even it is not a guarantee of safe communication with relatives. An Akita are quite pugnacious therefore, perhaps, you should walk all life alone. So, from you more efforts will be required to provide to the favourite full physical activity.
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