• Dec 26, 2019
the American bulldog – quite large, athletically put dog. They were brought in the 19th century in the USA as "farmer dogs". And though the breed is still not recognized by the International film logical federation, on the historical homeland the American bulldogs are quite popular.
American bulldogs, as a rule, friendly and cheerful dogs devoted to all family members. However sentry qualities are expressed very well therefore at acquaintance to new people it is necessary to be careful.
With children the American bulldogs in the majority at the correct education are gentle, however it is a large, active dog therefore can unintentionally push the child.
A here to the American bulldogs sometimes is difficult to get on with other pets. Consider this feature of breed.
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin of the USA
of Use of breed Partner
Life expectancy of 10 — 12 years
Growth in withers of 55 — 68 cm
Weight of 35 — 60 kg
Special attention Aggression to dogs
Physical activity Intensive

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