• Dec 4, 2019

Character of the American pit bull terrier: features

the Main traits of character of the American pit bull terrier — a combination of the courage adjoining on absolute fearlessness, dexterity and goodwill in relation to people.
 the American pit bull terrier
On a photo: American pit bull terrier
by sight these dogs seem terrible, however in relation to family members and other people it is the gentle and tender friend.

of the American pit bull terriers sometimes get in hope to make of them bodyguards or security guards. However in this case owners are waited by disappointment. The American pit bull terrier of the correct cultivation with good mentality will never bite the person! This line was fixed in many generations. And even when pit bull terriers fought on a ring with other dogs, sometimes to the death, aggression in relation to the person was under a ban. Differently the one who took away a dog from the battlefield would be exposed to danger of death. And even such risk is not necessary to organizers of bloody entertainments.
was so removed a dog whom it is possible to call nearly the least aggressive in relation to people.

But not everything is as iridescent
as can seem. Yes, the American pit bull terriers can become bodyguards. However they should pay for it the enormous price. In this case, to please the owner, they have to go against the nature. So to break mentality. And such pit bull terrier can quite become dog murderer from the horror film. But it — first of all, wine of unfair owners.

Correctly well-mannered American pit bull terrier is capable to get on with ease with any family member. As for other animals, if the pit bull terrier lives with them under the same roof with the childhood, problems, in most cases, do not arise. But from you nevertheless special attention and care will be required to ensure safety to all pets.
 the American pit bull terrier and other animals the American pit bull terrier can get on with other dog. But from you special attention and care will be required.
that the American pit bull terriers often do not favor other dogs. Therefore on walk it is necessary to show vigilance and to take precautionary measures that your favourite did not attack the relative.

the American pit bull terrier perfectly studies and always seeks to please the owner. Therefore at the correct education you will be able to receive the devoted, reliable friend ready always to come to the rescue.

Character of the American pit bull terrier in relation to children

you can often read
in media how pit bull terriers eat people, and the special addiction is fed for children. Therefore if at you in family there lives the American pit bull terrier and at the same time you expect the child, people around for certain will share with you colourful horror films. But if to analyse these stories on the sober head, it will become clear that the truth in them is not enough.
the American pit bull terrier will easily get on with the child, even small. Certainly, in case you correctly chose the manufacturer and competently brought up the pet. Many families with children hold pit bull terriers and are absolutely happy.
But that everything was good, obligatory find for the pet time and be engaged in his education and training. Establish rules of accommodation and strictly adhere to them. Establish rules of communication of the child with a dog to avoid jealousy.
Is rules which all parents have to observe and impart to children. It is impossible to disturb a dog during sleep and food, to torment and tease. The American pit bull terrier is very patient, however to any patience there is a limit. And the main thing — and it concerns any breed — do not leave the small child and a dog unguarded!

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