• Dec 4, 2019

Health of the American pit bull terrier generally does not cause concerns to owners. The American pit bull terriers are rather healthy dogs, however there is a number of genetic diseases to which they are predisposed.
 the American pit bull terrier the American pit bull terrier is predisposed with to a number of diseases
  1. the Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints is a scourge of the majority of large breeds of dog. The reasons still are not established definitely, but many blame heredity and also improper feeding. Difficulties with movement can become result. To prevent a problem, do not overfeed the American pit bull terrier, do not overload physically. If you noticed the first signs of difficulties with movement, address the veterinarian. Not superfluous will be to specify whether parents of your pet have results of tests for a dysplasia – it will reduce the probability of development of a disease further.
  2. aorta Stenosis. Symptoms: fatigue, short wind, tachycardia, sometimes — spasms. As a rule, treatment assumes surgical intervention.
  3. Allergic reactions. Meet quite often. In this case it is necessary to eliminate allergen (what caused an allergy).
  4. Gipoterioz — violation of work of a thyroid gland. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to diagnose a disease. Symptoms: fatigue, weakness, deterioration in mental capacities and also fast set of weight. Having noticed something from these signs, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.
However as we already mentioned, in general the American pit bull terrier — quite healthy dog. Average life expectancy of a pit bull terrier — 12 — 15 years, i.e. among enough large dogs they are among long-livers.

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