• Dec 4, 2019
You will not call care of the American pit bull terrier difficult, however since the early childhood of a puppy it is necessary to accustom to hygienic manipulations that in the subsequent he was not indignant when it is felt, climb in ears, brush eyes or teeth and cut off claws and also did not try to crush the bathroom.
 the American pit bull terrier On a photo: American pit bull terrier
can Wash the American pit bull terrier as necessary, in case of pollution.

An important part of care of the American pit bull terrier — schooling of a puppy to hygienic procedures.

Regularly examine ears that they remained clean. Especially important it for dogs who spend on the street much time.

As well as other dogs, the American pit bull terrier need to cut off as required claws (if they do not grind off sufficiently), to brush teeth and to wipe eyes.

The correct care of the American pit bull terrier is inconceivable without competently organized walking.

Walking can present to
complexity. The American pit bull terrier needs intensive physical activities. These dogs are very active and if you do not provide an energy output to the peaceful course, your house can be damaged.

However, is not difficult to interest the American pit bull terrier. He willingly will begin to play with you, to play sports, to train, and at the same time will be infinitely happy — it is one more occasion to communicate to the adored owner!

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