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the American pit bull terrier – breed of dog which in many countries is regarded as cold weapon. In the majority of the states of the European Union these animals under the official ban as won very ill fame because of the combativity. Cold expression of eyes of a dog causes fear in many people, and they are considered the real threat. But actually American pit bull terriers are easily trained universal dogs becoming uncontrollable and aggressive only at the wrong education.

American pit bull terrier: description of breed, character, leaving

History of origin of breed

The decision on removal new combative breed of dog was accepted in connection with popularity of bloody dog fights. Long before fights between pedigree dogs blood-thirsty representations on which dogs fought with large animals, such as bears and boars were in overwhelming demand. For such fights the universal breed of dog, like mastiffs or mastiffs was also required. Initially for such fights used the English bulldogs possessing a grip of steel and a powerful brawny constitution. Therefore for removal of new breed of dog the decision to use bulldogs was made.

When crossing with bulldogs terriers of different type were used. Finally the breed a pit bull terrier was received. Dogs of this breed had universality, improbable endurance, fast reaction and also security, office, search and hunting qualities. Despite the name of breed, the homeland of the American pit bull terriers are not the United States. On the territory of America they were delivered by the Dutch, English and Spanish immigrants in the middle of the 18th century.

American pit bull terrier: description of breed, character, leaving

In the thirties the 19th centuries in Great Britain, and later and demand for combative dogs considerably fell in the USA when dog fights appeared under the official ban, even in spite of the fact that bloody competitions continued to be held podpolno. The American pit bull terrier literally appeared on the verge of total disappearance.

in the territory of the USA established a total ban on cultivation of combative breeds of dog, but the Staffordshire terrier and the American pit bull terrier did not get under this rule. In mass media headings about cruel attacks of combative dogs on people even more often began to flash. In this regard there was an opinion that dogs of this breed are extremely dangerous and uncontrollable. Only several years later after the similar incidents manufacturers undertook socialization of the American pit bull terriers.

Preservation of power and strength of a pit bull terrier, but at the same time a complete elimination of unreasonable aggression in relation to people was the main task of manufacturers. Complex and laborious work began at the end of the 19th century and continues to this day. For many years selection to the American manufacturers managed to achieve very impressive result. The dog the American pit bull terrier became more balanced and appeasable, having kept at the same time the strong-willed, purposeful and brave character. Work on improvement of this breed would be even more successful if fans of dog fights did not continue to train the American pit bull terriers on bloody fights without rules.

of Feature of breed American pit bull terrier (video)

the Ban on carrying out dog duels did not stop bloody underground business, and today owners of combative dogs earn the huge sums from sufferings of the pets. And even on court session wine of the owner which dog died on dog fights can almost not prove. The crippled, half-dead dogs are finished by their owners by means of a heart puncture in order that on examination at a dog verified death from heart failure. Such cruelty and uncontrollable destruction of dogs for the sake of a profit leads to considerable damage of pedigree dogs. In order that the years of work directed to socialization of pitbulteryer were not in vain, experts organized so-called contract fights. Such competitions to elements of fight are not bloody representation, but sport with rather tough rules and a framework.

American pit bull terrier: description of breed, character, leaving

Appearance of a dog

The dog a pit bull terrier initially was brought only as combative, but later the breed was divided into the bulldog's, mixed and teryery types. The weight of the American pit bull terrier, as a rule, is from 10 to 35 kg (females weigh less males), and growth directly depends on frame proportions.

the American pit bull terriers are carried to short-haired dogs. the Colour of wool can be various, also spots of white color are allowed. The only color of a dog forcing selectors to throw out her from cultivation is мерль. Such color very often meets at Australian shepherds with blue wool, and it appears from behind an incomplete prokrashivaniye of hairs. The color мерль is forbidden for the majority of pedigree dogs as at it the risk of congenital pathologies considerably increases.

American pit bull terrier: description of breed, character, leaving

Character and training of an animal

The thoroughbred American pit bull terrier is a universal, faithful dog with peaceful character. to Use an animal as the bodyguard as most of inexperienced owners think, it is impossible. Cynologists unanimously repeat that to develop at the friendly representative of this breed unreasonable aggression to people though it is difficult, but it is quite possible. Having set on the person of a pit bull terrier, it is possible to receive instead of a friendly dog an uncontrollable, spiteful animal. Similar experiments will lead further to very sad result.

The active temperament and improbable endurance of the American pit bull terrier makes a dog tireless and easily trained. The owner surely has to provide to a dog physical activities because only provided that the pitbulteryer will have a steady mentality. As a rule, it is almost impossible to tire with active games of the representative of this breed and therefore for trainings it is better to pick up a certain sport. For example, dog agility or a skijoring the dog with ease will master and if the owner wants that his pet had a powerful well-muscled body, then it is possible to weight ammunition.

American pit bull terrier: description of breed, character, leaving

Representatives of this breed, contrary to popular belief, easily give in to education and training. Also one more prejudice saying that the dog needs to be beaten by all means, differently goes he will not respect the owner. Such approach to training of a dog is quite misleading. The American pit bull terriers, however, as well as other pedigree dogs, it is necessary to train by exclusively motivational method, without shouts and a beating. Aggression from the owner will cause response in a dog, and the dog will grow embittered and uncontrollable.

As for the attitude towards the small children living with a pit bull terrier in one house, parents can not worry for their safety. Dogs do not hope souls in kids and try to amuse them in every possible way. Sometimes pranks of the child and a pit bull terrier lead to damage of property and therefore it is desirable that during their games at the room there was an adult.

Thoroughbred American pit bull terriers are allocated with a magnificent intuition. They always feel intentions of the stranger and in case of danger can immediately rush on him to protect the owner.

American pit bull terrier: description of breed, character, leaving

of the Recommendation about leaving and maintenance

Short hair of a pet does not demand special leaving. Once a week will enough brush it, using a massage brush. The pit bull terrier needs to cut off claws time in few weeks, and to clean auricles and to carry out water procedures – as required.

As for contents, the American pit bull terrier can be got also in the city apartment, and in a country cottage. it quickly enough and well adapts To any conditions.

Puppies of pit bull terriers can be fed with the mixed food, combining a production dry feed with natural food. Dry feeds have to be surely a premium or a super premium class as more budgetary sterns contain much smaller amount of the nutrients and minerals necessary for the correct growth of a puppy. The dry feed needs to be otmachivat in warm water before feeding with it a young individual. As for natural food, the puppy of the American pit bull terrier can be fed with the boiled liver and veal, low-fat cottage cheese wiped with apples and carrots. Once a week is recommended to give to the kid a boiled egg yolk.

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The adult representative of this breed needs two times food. It is desirable to feed a dog after morning and evening walking. Besides a qualitative production forage, the adult pit bull terrier needs to give natural food. It is possible to include crude low-fat meat, various porridges with addition of vegetables and fruit in a diet of the pet. It is occasionally possible to feed up a dog unsweetened fermented milk products with low interest of fat content and crackers. It is impossible to include in a diet of the American pit bull terrier of smoked product, sweet, flour products, stones and also fat, hot, salty dishes and bean.

The bowl with clear fresh water has to be always available to a dog. It is desirable to give food to a pet at the same time, without allowing to feed up him to other people in order to avoid violation of a diet.

Timely, and, above all, the correct education of the American pit bull terrier can guarantee that he will grow the faithful partner and the reliable security guard to the owner and all family members.

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