• Dec 4, 2019

Features of training of the American pit bull terrier

the American pit bull terrier well gives in to training. But you should not let matters drift. Begin to bring up and train a puppy since that moment as it appeared in your house, and surely impart to a dog good manners.
 the American pit bull terrier On a photo: American pit bull terrier
the Main teams which any dog has to know: "To me!" "to Sit", "Lie", "Stand", "Nearby", "Place", "Faugh" and It "is impossible". This minimum is vital in order that you and people around were quiet, and a dog – in safety. On our website you can find the detailed instruction for training of a dog to the main teams. Training of a pit bull terrier a little in what differs from training of any other dog.

Remember the main thing: it is impossible to train the American pit bull terrier to behave aggressively at all! It is not simply silly, and it is extremely dangerous, first of all to you.

Training and education of the American pit bull terrier: principles

in the course of education and training of the American pit bull terrier show the hardness and severity, however do not go too far. Do not forget that the dog needs love and care. Approval and a praise from the owner are vital for pit bull terriers. They will make everything to please.

the American pit bull terriers are strong dogs, and know it. However they do not seek to take the predominating place in family, it is undoubted plus of breed. But nevertheless you have to deserve authority on eyes of a dog. And it can be done by means of a combination of caress, hardness and the sequence.

If you find for the pet enough time and forces, it will become such what you want to see it.

it is better for
of the American pit bull terrier to train in the skilled person, the beginner can face difficulties. Besides, from you constant control behind behavior of a dog, especially at puppyish age will be required.

do not behave in relation to a dog aggressively At all. It can provoke the same response, eventually.

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