• Dec 26, 2019
Public opinion in relation to amstaffa, pit bull terriers and other similar dogs is ruthless. To media they are regularly presented "dogs murderers". However it, to put it mildly, is not fair.

peaceful co-existence of an amstaff with other pets is possible?

Of course and. A lot of things depend on age of pets. If it is about two adult animals, it will be more difficult. If one animal adult, and another small (not very well, a puppy or a kitten), everything is much simpler. But there is nothing impossible – at the correct approach.
 Amstaff and other animals

How to acquaint animals with each other?

needs to Begin acquaintance in such territory where the second animal has ways for withdrawal, i.e. an opportunity to escape and hide.
At dogs acquaintance is complicated by existence of a hunting instinct: the need to catch up and "taste". At each pet this instinct is expressed in a different measure, but, anyway, the dog at the time of acquaintance has to be on a lead.
of People has to "work" with a lead. That is not to hold a dog by force, namely to adjust her behavior. If амстафф is going to make a throw on a cat or other dog, it is necessary to hold it by means of a lead and the command for endurance, or the forbidding team.
you Should not hang over animals. It is necessary to fall by their level — for example, to sit down on a floor and to be the buffer between them. Animals have to be on different sides from you.
Limit a dog in the movement to the body and a lead, show that with the new pet it is necessary to behave accurately.
a dog sniffs In the beginning, smells air, then the visual contact follows. If it is a kitten or a cat, let at first watches a dog from the safe place — a case, a table, the high shelf. It should not be the limited place of type of a cage or carrying at all.
should be Begun with terms of intimacy on a lead. Then time of contact increases. It is possible to take a kitten or a cat on hands later, that is to limit possibilities of a dog a misfortune also own body, having established a barrier from hands.
For good behavior a dog needs to be encouraged surely. But do not touch animals once again, do not allocate one of them, do not persuade and do not lisp. Just present with a fait accompli and control that animal from whom more aggression proceeds. Touch nobody once again though you will want to touch and console weaker — it cannot be done.
Recommendation of the expert: Do not think that as soon as you acquainted animals, they at once will become the best friends even if both behave quietly and seemingly friendly.
needs to give to pets time to adapt, get used to each other, gradually increase contact time, control their behavior: for example, амстафф will want to lick a puppy or a kitten — please, let licks, but you control this process hands, let the cub be at you on a lap, and hands you create the barrier preventing a dog to grow exited and seize a cub. At first you should not leave animals of some, without supervision.
At acquaintance of two dogs their first meeting has to happen on the neutral territory, both on leads. Leads we do not hold but only we control, we have to be between dogs and kind of to cover with a body weaker. Then it will be useful together to take a walk, allow them to play. At first control dogs during meal, do not throw them one toy for two, do not leave their some indoors.

How to understand that it is time to finish a meeting acquaintance?

As a rule, the owner during joint life with the pet learns to distinguish his mood and intentions. If at a dog a stare, "ears on the top", she as though contracted in a lump and just devours other pet with a look - it is the obvious sign that she only also waits for the moment to grab "production".
amstaff and pit bull terriers and also at many hunting breeds have a feature: they very often do not designate the moment of attack or this designation very short. Where other dog can rear wool, begin to jump and in every possible way to show desire to attack, стафф and pitas from a condition of imaginary tranquility can make lightning breakthrough – and the victim already in a mouth. Therefore with them it is necessary to be especially attentive.
Recommendation of the expert: If амстафф or a pit bull terrier – your first dog, is better not to get other animals at this time. These are not those dogs with whom it is possible to risk.
I the American Staffordshire terriers, and pit bull terriers – wonderful partners, loveful and tender, but at the same time they very temperamental and explosive. And if you are not too experienced dog breeder, it is better that this dog was your only pet.
If the person skilled, he is able to define when there comes the moment "for today enough". If is not present — you look at a condition of animals. If one seeks to leave in every possible way the place of acquaintance, accepts submission poses, and the second is constant in tension — be brief.

What is the time it will be required on that animals got used to each other?

Here everything is especially individual
. If animals still small (for example, a puppy and a kitten), already by the end of the first day they can sleep and eat together. If both pets quiet and peaceful, pass the period of adaptation quickly. But if you deal, for example, with a half-civilized cat and an ill-bred dog, you strongly complicate life and yourself, and animals.

What is zooaggression?

meets not only at amstaff, and at all dogs, a dog — a predator. This aspiration in the beginning to finish with other animal, and then already to study what the animal such is.
As a rule if you were engaged with a dog, she is trained and obedient
, zooaggression either is not shown at all, or easily and quickly stopped. Here you will be come to the rescue by commands for endurance (for example, "to Sit").
Recommendation of the expert: It is important to remember that castration, contrary to popular belief, does not solve aggression problems.

It is worth taking the second pet if in the house lives амстафф?

Before making up the mind to this step, it should be taken into account and weighing still properly time the forces and opportunities.
If you already have a dog, adult and not really well-mannered, it is hardly worth getting one more pet.
Recommendation of the expert: If with the first dog there are no problems and you very much want to bring the second pet, it is better if it is a cub (a kitten or a puppy).
If your bough, and you want to take a puppy or a kitten, the most favorable period – right after a techka when there is a probability of emergence of false pregnancy. Then she will more loyally apprehend a cub, even the stranger. It is not terrible if she has a milk – it can be removed healthy nutrition and physical activities.

It is possible to bring an amstaff into the house where there live other pets?

If everything can be done correctly, of course. The puppy of an amstaff at adequate education is capable to get on perfectly with other animals, irrespective of their species and breed. It is possible to bring into the house and an adult American Staffordshire terrier, but it will demand from you more attentiveness, disciplines, patience and persistence.
Anyway needs to be remembered what from the first day of the pet needs to be put on that place where it should stay always. As soon as the dog crosses a house threshold, we dictate her rules of accommodation, from the first day of her emergence in the house. If it is intelligible to amstaff to explain that it is not necessary to touch other pets – it will not begin to touch them. The main thing – is correct to organize the acquaintance moment.
plays an important role. We remember, shepherd's dogs do not torment the cattle, hunting dogs do not touch pets on the farmstead. Here they are we show that this animal — the member of our pack and to consider him as production it is forbidden. There are many amusing videos where pit bull terriers and staffa remarkably play with polecats, kittens, allow to run on itself to hamsters, guinea pigs and chickens. It is result of the correct socialization and adaptation.

there will be no problems with other pets when the puppy of an amstaff grows up? Whether it will begin "to remake" hierarchy?

A lot of things is solved by initial discipline, but not always everything goes as well as it is conceived.
considerably influences a situation the one whom the puppy is on the birth. If it is "beta", then he is an intelligence agent, the hunter, curious and courageous, energetic. "Alpha" — more cunning dog, "the Supreme power" in pack, in it can be combined external tranquility and internal rigidity and obstinacy. There are "omegas peacekeepers" — they "settle" the conflicts and nurse younger generation, vigilant, but not really courageous. If the puppy – pronounced "beta" or "alpha", and the senior dog – "peacekeeper", occurs tough reorganization of hierarchy, and the younger dog will reach a leading position in their small pack. At the return deal everything will remain as well as was.
Sometimes change of hierarchy in pack happens because of a disease, failure in a hormonal background, castration of one of animals, emergence of posterity and so on.
If is about a dog and a bough, then, most likely, will become gradually more main than a bough. But, as a rule, such situation quite suits a dog, and everything goes peacefully.
If the dog castrated is unambiguously more main than a bough.
the Conflicts are more probable if it is about two same-sex animals, and boughs sort out the relations more often than dogs, and dismantling are very rigid. Dogs can begin to clash if on the horizon appears techny a bough — rigid rivalry begins.
animals can Compete also out of jealousy: you allocate someone especially, for example, take one dog in a bed, the second – there is no dog the second lives alone in the yard — in the house and so on. It is necessary to put animals of one look in equal conditions.
If at you live the castrated dog and ungelded a bough, then "lady" will not perceive the tribesman as a dog as at that the hormonal background is changed. And boughs very often attack such dogs, perceiving them as another to a bough, but not absolutely full. And the prepotent dog will seek not to give in, and the conflicts will be inevitable.
can "to Settle" difficult relations only to skilled owners who impose rigid discipline and whose leading position all animals accept unconditionally. Then in a conflict situation one forbidding team suffices, and all disperse in places.
However that, will coexist how peacefully your pets, depends only on you, your will power, discipline and desire to work with a dog.

If pets do not get on among themselves whether it is possible to make something?

If pets do not get on among themselves, then it is, first of all, wine of the owner: means, in the house there is no discipline, he is not a leader, and animals take a situation in "the paws". Everything is solvable and depends, besides, on patience of the owner and his desire to work on itself and with pets. Sometimes quite long, serious, hard work, establishment of discipline and the sequence is required, but the result, as a rule, is repaid.
do not forget
that amstaffa and pit bull terriers – very passionate dogs adoring the owner. They always try to be such with what you want to see them, and accurately "otzerkalivat" the owner. Therefore often also say: show the dog, and I will tell you who you are.
If you cannot cope by own efforts, it is worth addressing the competent cynologist.


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