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Amerikansy Staffordshire terriers were registered American kennet klaby in 1936, and since then the standard of breed did not change.


If briefly to characterize the American Staffordshire terriers, one may say, that they strong, courageous, impudent, active, cheerful also are always ready to play.
When I took myself the first amstaff, knew nothing about their reputation "dogs murderers" and in general about breed, they just were pleasant to me externally. And only then began to study information and to understand what dogs are.
American Staffordshire terriers of steam of a photo
With this breed one problem: if you get one staff, surely sooner or later you will bring also the second. These are dogs people, they thinly feel your mood. If you long, they will keep you the company if to you it is cheerful, they with pleasure will play. These dogs always try to please the owner.
Observation of the manufacturer: Amstaffa are very intellectual, and they have very strong communication with the person. It can be considered both plus, and breed minus. They are impossible, for example, as "missal" to lock in the open-air cage — стафф will strongly suffer and miss. They need constantly presence of the owner.
They require
a lot of attention, but give a hundred times more. This continuous interaction. Therefore after a staff it is difficult to get other breed. I tried "to switch" to a basenji, but it did not develop.
Amstaff is very dependent on the owner, and it sometimes ruins dogs because if the owner unsuccessful, стафф all the same tries to please it. And if say to him: "Let's gobble up a cat" — he, unfortunately, will do it.
you will not call Amstaff's
the one-woman man. Extremely seldom the dogs "ground" on one owner meet. Any of my staff you can quietly lead on a lead, give commands (and it will carry out them), and if you show yum-yum … However, they test each new person, checking borders of legal: whether it is possible to get on a bed or to elicit a cake piece?
амстафф beautiful photos the Little puppy of an amstaff everything that will come across tooth will be obligatory to gnaw
if one stays at home and misses. Therefore if the puppy spends alone much time, I advise to get a cage. Besides, the cage — guarantee of safety of a puppy, it can gnaw through wires also. If it is correct to accustom a puppy to a cage, then he perceives it as the lodge.
of Amstaffy are silent. Neighbors will not complain that at you in the apartment it is too noisy. They practically do not bark, and welcome guests so as if are sincerely convinced that new people come to the house only for that to feed them and to iron. With a self-assessment at them a full order.
Observations of the manufacturer: Amstaff is an excellent nurse. First, they have no aggression to people. Secondly, they have a high pain threshold, and children can pull them ears and a tail, to ride — стафф is only glad that pay it attention. And thirdly, стафф it is always ready to play. Therefore if the representative of breed is taken in family with children, all are happy .
Aggression in relation to the person at breed is considered rejection. I do not sell a puppy if the potential buyer plans to use him as the security guard or the bodyguard.
Though amstaff you will not call
the coward. Normal, healthy стафф nothing is afraid at all and of anybody.
photoshoot with the American Staffordshire terrier
of Amstaffy are dogs-ulybaki, all emotions are written at them on a muzzle. They show rough joy concerning your return home and will begin to struggle with other pets for your attention — but exclusively peace ways.

Aggression to other animals at an amstaff: myth or truth?

my dogs quietly live with cats, and I specially did not accustom them to cats. They should not be trained there are no cats. More likely, it is advisable to work that they attacked a cat. Yes, the amstaff can be taught bad, but it is already a question to sanity of the owner.
As for communication with other dogs, here too everything depends on the owner. I am often asked whether my dog fights. And I do not know! Because I do not try, I do not provoke such situations, for example, I will not let two adult dogs go together with "girls". They can be aggressive to relatives as all terriers, but there is nothing purely "staffy" in it. The skotchteryer, and стафф, both an Akita, and a dachshund, and the representative of any breed also can not be on friendly terms with other dogs. Conscious manufacturers work now on that the amstaff to relatives had no aggression. Because even at an exhibition it is difficult to receive a champion title to a cocky dog — it will not be able just to prove to be as it is necessary.
Observation of the manufacturer: There is an opinion that at the American Staffordshire terriers the ritual behavior "is greased", and it increases risk of zooaggression. However I did not notice it. At them, especially at dogs, on a forehead all thoughts are written. And they as well as other dogs, rear wool on withers, are shown and show the other warning signals.
And fighting skills of the American Staffordshire terriers are strongly exaggerated. If now an exhibition staff "to throw in fight" — it will be just torn …
Most often cases of zooaggression are connected with the fact that the puppy is attacked by other dogs, bite, he learns to be protected and begins to enjoy. I initially exclude situations in which стафф can fight. If the amstaff is not lifted up and it had no bitter experience, problems will not be.
amstaffa play with each other a photo
of Observation of the manufacturer: Amstaff easily gets on with other pets. He can peacefully coexist in the company of other staff, a Yorkshire terrier, dachshund, cats — anyone. And one of my wards in a sovladeniye lives in family where the cat does not let it to kitchen! And the dog "cries", calling owners to the aid.

Education and training of an amstaff

At amstaff, besides high intelligence, are very well developed social instincts: game and food. Normal staffa with good temperament are adored both being played and to eat. Therefore "will easily be on sale" both for a ball, and for yum-yum.
of Observation of the manufacturer: Amstaffa very easily give in to education and training therefore approach for a role of the first dog. People who had no dogs earlier, and in families with children often take the American Staffordshire terriers from me. I ask them to go to the cynologist at least to 10 occupations: not in order that taught a dog and in order that owners were taught how it is correct to treat the pet.
Besides all puppies from the nursery I give consultations for life. I can be called when to a dog and 7 years — and I deal with the arisen problems. But those who listen to a competent advice have no problems. If not to filter information and to follow the recommendations not of really expert advisers, difficulties can begin.
амстафф and other dogs of a photo
Amstaff so vospituy that it can even be zadressirovat, and in this case the little puppy completely loses ability to be distracted by the outside world, and is absorbed only by implementation of commands. For example, the 3-month-old puppy already "works" at endurance several minutes. It is not really good because the dog begins to be afraid.
Amstaff very sensitive, it it is easy "to hammer". Rigid methods of education do not suit breed, they will make a staff zashuganny. Question: whether such pet is necessary to you? Coward dogs are very dangerous, they cannot almost be controlled.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: The best methods of education: attention, game and yum-yum. Also in family there have to be accurate rules. If one owner allows to climb on a bed, and the second forbids, the dog will not understand what occurs. What is possible has to be possible always. The fact that it is impossible – is forbidden always. When there is accurate framework, to a dog is easier.
Surely communicate with amstaffy on walks! If just to let out the pet in the field, it will become boring for him, and it by all means will find adventures. When I walk with dogs, we surely do something together. And they do not depart from me.
of Amstaffy are very active, as well as any terrier. They need the raised loadings, but rather not physical, but intellectual. 30 minutes of independent jog will tire them less across the field, than 10 minutes of an active game with you and implementation of commands.
is more important quality of attention from the owner, but not quantity. Even if you work for 10 hours, but after work can pay to the pet full-fledged attention (at least 1 hour), to a dog will be rather comfortable.
can teach anything. It can be dog agility, frizb, freestyle, the bike-dzhoring, tricks — restriction is only your imagination. Everything madly interesting and is pleasant to work with it.


Happen amstaffa to small appetite, but it more likely an exception. In general, they adore eating, and the more and more variously, the better. Therefore the pet needs to be limited in number of food that there was no obesity.


of Amstaffy — sleek-haired dogs, and, therefore, are sensitive to cold. Some of my dogs very reluctantly walk even in rainy weather. I am not an adherent of clothing of dogs, I prefer active walking in the winter because the first paws freeze, and their any fur coat will not save. If it is very cold (below — 20 degrees), we walk very actively and when I see that paws freeze, we go home. In this case it is better to come for walk more often.
transfer the Heat of an amstaffa not really well, however and do not choke as dogs with the shortened muzzle. Naturally, I will not recommend to go to strong heat with amstaffy to bicycle walk.
Sometimes care of sleek-haired dogs is more difficult, than for long-haired so you should not be under a delusion with the seeming simplicity of care of this breed. Amstaffa fade, and wool as needles, is hammered into carpets. The molt passes 2 times a year: in the spring and in the fall. But now there are special brushes, furminator which facilitate life to owners.
As for bathing, the dogs I wash only before exhibitions. But they are "chistoplyu" so in frequent water procedures there is no need.
a wool Smell from amstaff is, but is not so strongly expressed, as at many other breeds.


Average life expectancy of the American Staffordshire terrier — 10 years, however happen dogs who live also up to 15. Everything depends on the constitution of a dog, the state of health and living conditions.
Is genetic diseases: an ataxy and a dysplasia of coxofemoral and elbow joints (as at all large breeds).
On genetic diseases tests are done. I knit only "clean" dogs. But if the ataxy is inherited in the direct way and it can be avoided, then inheritance of a dysplasia is proved by any research, therefore, tests for absence of a dysplasia even at several generations of ancestors, unfortunately, guarantee lack of problems though the dysplasia occurs in amstaff very seldom.

How to choose a puppy?

Surely pay attention to registration of nursery, documents of parents (including family trees). By all means there has to be a family tree on a puppy. If the puppy is discarded on an exterior, the seal "Not for breeding use" is set, but the family tree all the same is given. It is not a quality assurance, but the birth certificate and the proof that you take a thoroughbred dog, but not a hybrid.
амстафф vzosly and a puppy of a photo Look at
whether wool shines at the kid, whether the stomach is inflated, whether paws are bent, specify, than the puppy is fed.
of the Puppy can be taken at the age of 2 months. By this time kids already cease to suck mother and are ready to pass into new family, moreover, actively "demand" the person, they need a lot of attention.
Observation of the manufacturer: No matter, whom you will take, a dog or to a bough. Dogs in general more honest and simple, boughs more cunning. But more likely it is a question of personal preferences. I personally do not see a difference.

What owner is necessary to an amstaff?

Active which with pleasure will walk and be engaged with a dog. Amstaff — not "bun", on a sofa you will not put him.
It can be the beginner — provided that he will consult with the manufacturer and the cynologist, at least at first.
Amstaff not really well feels in big nurseries and cannot live in the open-air cage therefore in such conditions I puppies try not to sell.
of the Photo of amstaff from personal archive of Maria Abduragimova

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