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Puppies of the French bulldog are benevolent and inquisitive beings. For this reason they also enjoy popularity, despite some shortcomings inherent in this breed (snore, tendency to an allergy and need of strengthening of a backbone). These animals, growing, become beautiful partners and even the owner's defenders. But for this purpose they need to be brought up correctly. And it is possible to cope with shortcomings if the nobility of the rule of leaving.

Amusing Puppies of the French Bulldog
Cheerful and incredibly amusing puppies of the French bulldog are very benevolent and inquisitive beings

the Purpose of acquisition and the choice of a puppy

Some owners buy a thoroughbred animal in order that further their pet participated in exhibitions, others – for further cultivation of this breed. In such cases are guided by the adopted official standards.

But irrespective of for what purposes buy such animals, it is very important to check their physical health. Here important indicators are clear eyes (allocations and their traces have to be absent), a soft stomach in which consolidations, a brilliant and dense hair, a wet and cold nose are not felt. If is some doubts, it is better to show an animal to the veterinarian.

Besides, it is necessary that all vaccination corresponding to his age was done to a puppy. Being guided by external signs, experts advise to choose active and mobile puppies with wide backs and equal pads.

Amusing Puppies of the French Bulldog

pet's Diet

In an initial stage of development the puppy of this breed, as well as other kids, almost completely depends on mother. Since the birth it has a sosatelny reflex, and its only food at this time – maternal milk. The puppy can receive liquid food in addition to this milk only since three-week age. Sometimes, if the puppy is taken away from mother, feeding is allowed by special mix. Concerning its selection it is possible to consult with the veterinarian.

it is possible to Feed puppies of the French bulldog also with a ready-made dry feed. But it becomes gradually. When the kid is 3 weeks old, such forage is soaked in milk or offer special canned food of semi-fluid consistence. At the same time the forage has to correspond to age of an animal (at most of producers information on it is specified on packing).

There is an opinion that it is better to feed dogs with natural products. Unambiguously it is impossible to tell who is right – supporters of ready-made feeds or natural food. But in the second case of problems will be more as it is necessary to cook food independently. The feeding up is entered gradually, and food has to be balanced on proteins, fats and vitamins, but various it should not be. Offer puppies only two dishes – porridges and soups. And they have to be freshly cooked.

In a diet of a little bulldog about 2/3 has to fall on proteins (it can be dietary grades of meat or low-fat fish, and both it is given only in a boiled look, it is also allowed to give cottage cheese).

Are 1/3 more the vitamins and minerals received with vegetable food including grain and vegetables. The last can be given in a crude or boiled look. What cannot be given at all, so it is potatoes, especially fried.

Puppies aged up to 2 months have to receive food about 6 times a day. By 3rd months some meal remove, to their five-months age there is 4. To feed a puppy of the French bulldog who already more than half a year, needs 3 times a day.

further it is necessary to remember that even young French bulldogs are inclined to a set of excess weight, and it badly affects their health therefore it is very important to calculate forage caloric content correctly. It is selected also taking into account a way of life of a dog. If with a puppy leave to walk few times in day and in every possible way constrain his inquisitiveness and mobility, then too high-calorie forage to him will do much harm. When the puppy spends in active games in the fresh air much time, the caloric content of a diet has to be such to provide it forces and energy for such "trainings".

Care of a bulldog

If in the house there was the French bulldog, care of it has to be very careful as this breed demands more attentive attitude towards the health, than many other dogs. The pet needs to be driven regularly to the veterinarian for routine inspection.

In house conditions it needs to wipe eyes every day. And though it is short-haired breed, wool needs all the same to be combed every day by means of a special brush. Besides, puppies of the French bulldog are recommended to buy special toys for strengthening of teeth and massage of gums.

It should be noted that representatives of this breed very much love when they potter with them and look after them that seriously facilitates work to the owner. Advantage of breed is also that these dogs practically do not fade, and daily combing of wool by means of a soft brush does not take away a lot of time. the Hair both at puppies, and at adult individuals grows quite slowly, but it is normal. The main thing that it was dense and brilliant – it anyway is an important indicator of health of an animal.

Amusing Puppies of the French Bulldog

Though from the French bulldog practically does not smell of a dog (it is one more advantage of breed), it is necessary to wash him every day. Special shampoos, but if they are absent, then also usual children's soap – but only qualitative will go are for this purpose used, without aromatic additives that it did not cause an allergy in an animal.

Puppies like to bathe, but only in case the owner correctly accustomed them to water, that is worked gradually and without excess stress.

At care of puppies it is very important to watch purity of ears. The French bulldogs, especially small, are inclined to inflammatory diseases. But these violations can be prevented if at least once in 2 weeks to clean ears in due form (it is possible even in a veterinary office).

And here of an eye should be washed out every day. for this purpose can use the usual wet towel wipes or wadded tampons moistened in warm water. It is necessary to work accurately not to injure an animal.

Also weekly hairstyle of claws and regular professional toothbrushing is necessary for the pet.

Amusing Puppies of the French Bulldog

Psychology in education

Education of the French bulldog is based on knowledge of psychology of breed. Besides, it is important to know that these animals pass several main stages in the development, on each of which the puppy gets some new skill or life experience. For example, development of acoustical and visual perception begins only with 3 weeks age.

Gradually puppies begin to get used to the world around in 4-7 weeks. At this time they play with mother and other puppies and the same as children, begin to be socialized and are even accustomed to discipline. At this time the congenital character and temperament has an effect. Further all formed lines will depend already on the owner.

As a rule , in the new house of a puppy take when he already was 8 weeks old, and at this age kids already begin to be afraid of strangers. At this stage the owner needs to pay more attention to communication of a little bulldog with other people – neighbors, friends, relatives. If not to do it, the pet can grow up too shy or, on the contrary, aggressive.

In the same time to a puppy choose a nickname. It should not coincide with a human name at all, besides, cannot be long. The less syllables, the quicker the bulldog will remember the nickname. It becomes an important part of his personality, the owner's task – to teach a dog to respond to it. Process of training has to be constructed so that the nickname caused in an animal pleasant associations – for example, with walk, a game, food.

Amusing Puppies of the French Bulldog

it is necessary to Bring up a puppy in many respects as well as the child, that is to acquaint it with all phenomena of the world around. For example, at the age of 8-12 weeks the puppy becomes very curious. Its bark at this time – reaction to a subject unfamiliar still. It can be some plants on the street, birds, new pieces of furniture. It is not necessary to abuse the kid for loud emotions, for him the main thing now – attention of the owner.

Besides, at this age process of socialization becomes especially active therefore it is considered a right moment to master training elements. Begin usually with simple – from schooling to hands that the animal allowed not just to take itself on hands, but also to examine ears and teeth, to carry out other hygienic or medical manipulations. Further it will facilitate care of a puppy of the French bulldog.

In the same time begin training in the main teams "Place!", etc. The puppy will be able to master more difficult commands only at 4-month age as well as the bans it seems "It is impossible!" and "Foo!"

One more important task with which the owner should cope is to cultivate skill of submission. Unfortunately, because puppies of the French bulldog have very gay and good-natured character, too strongly indulge them, and as a result they become willful and whimsical.

In process of growing the bulldog by all means will try to check who in the house main, can try to bite the owner or at least to bark at it. At this time it is important to give it the corresponding repulse, but at the same time not to beat, light cotton on a hip is quite enough that the puppy understood that so it is impossible to behave.

Finally formation of the identity of the French bulldog comes to the end only to three-year age. Then in it the instincts forcing to become on protection of the owner wake up.

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