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Lilia Niemogai, owner of a dog of breed American cocker spaniel of Catty, 13.

Small soft щеночек was the husband's gift to me at a birthday party. We then only got married, moved to the apartment and decided to get a dog. Why chose this breed? The husband's sister at that time had such dog. It very much was pleasant to us since was always cheerful, playful, absolutely nonaggressive.
of Observation of the owner: As it seems to me, all cockers very zhmyakatelny, nice on the touch.
I Remember
, manufacturers had four puppies: two girls and two boys. We wanted the girl of a red or pale-yellow color. Such there was one – the most mordaty and thick. So it was not necessary to choose. The sister was black color.
As we with the husband were inexperienced dog breeders, long communicated with the manufacturer Lyudmila. Thank her for councils and the help. Under its management trained Catty for participation in exhibitions.

Catty is a favourite house champion

Our favourite participated in 2 exhibitions: in the 2005th took the 2nd place at the Republican exhibition of dogs of all breeds, also participated in the Championship of the American cockers spaniels "Cocker show 2007". From this competition we had commemorative medal.

it is difficult to
to Prepare for exhibitions of cockers spaniels. The main problem – with wool. They have to have a model hairstyle. Wool has to be shaved from a neck, it is allowed to cut off from a back. Surely leave long wool on paws and ears. It is necessary to watch all this constantly. And it is difficult to look after hair of cockers about any time of the year. Especially hard in the fall, during a rainy season. After each walk of a paw it is necessary to wash, dry, comb carefully. In the summer prickles, a dry grass, branches sticks cling.
of Observation of the owner: Long hair of the American cockers spaniels needs daily leaving. Today combed out a dog, tomorrow – start anew! Slightly started – a trouble. It is almost impossible to cope with koltuna.
Catty from an exhibition dog turned over time just into darling. We cut it for convenience now "under doggy", shortly, about four times a year. We leave wool in the winter more long that to a dog it was not cold. We are guided on weather.

Puppies of the American cockers spaniels cheerful, playful, absolutely not unruly

took absolutely small, month was her only. I had then a long-long dressing gown in a floor, and the puppy hid under it all the time. So we together also moved.
at Night she howled. We it honestly accustomed to sleep on the place. Both stacked, and lulled, and ironed …
of Observation of the owner: Accustomed a dog to sleep on the place exactly until until she learned to jump on a bed.
Joint tortures lasted not much, it is a lot of — several months. But we persistently tried to accustom her to sleep separately. Not to rise on 20 times in a night, tightened the place of a puppy to a bed and lowered a hand. And the baby embracing a hand fell asleep. Now our old woman sleeps at us in legs.
were Long accustomed to the street. After the long period of inoculations the dog could not understand all what from her is wanted. She with pleasure walked on the street, ran, jumped, had fun. And at home did all the things. But we endured it. Now the dog knows for what the street is necessary. However, there are sometimes pools: or for excess joy, or fear.
was Catty's Puppy very playful, active, cheerful, absolutely not unruly. During all the time it is a sgryzla only one pair of shoes.

What is eaten by an American cocker spaniel?

from the very beginning at us on natural food. The puppy was fed by 5 times a day on hours. Gave cottage cheese, boiled vegetables, meat, a squash … I had to devote two months to a dog completely.
Now it on natural food. We try to feed a dog correctly, not to overfeed.
of Observation of the owner: The American cockers spaniels are dogs gluttonous, all are ready to eat. They should be limited in food. If not to do it, there will be problems with excess weight. Once we faced such trouble. When the second child was born, the dog lived several months at the grandmother with the grandfather. They very much "felt sorry" for her, and it ate about each of them and separately, and with all together, and in itself. Came back home, to put it mildly, a barrel. Then it was shortly tonsured still, and Catty resembled more a decorative mumps, than a dog. But the healthy nutrition and long walks did it good, and the favourite took recognizable shape again.

Addictions of the American cockers

steals food from a table. Even such educational tool as the newspaper, does not save. She cannot be disaccustomed to it. And with age it becomes even heavier. The dog lost hearing, and is banal does not hear hails! It was necessary to bring up itself. Food from a table after breakfasts, lunches, dinners cleans up all and at once.


character at the American cockers spaniels?

I Can tell
about the dog. It cheerful, active, kind . Never revenges even if she is offended. Patient. The best!
acquaintances had a dog of breed an American cocker spaniel. That was fire! Very aggressive. Bit everyone. Began to bring up, and it caused still a big storm of indignation and discontent.

As cockers concern children?

of children suffers. Itself never plays with them. If kids begin to stick to it, leaves, hides, pretends that it is absent. We have very patient dog. Communication with children does not bring her any joy, but she did not bite any yet. And it has enough meetings with little torturers. Except that we have with the husband two sons (and younger 2 years are absent), so five more nephews who often are at us on a visit. So Catty is necessary hardly.
But also to children, of course, we explain
that it is impossible to offend an animal.

As the dog transfers separation from the owner?

When we are going on vacation
, we bring Catty to parents. Their house is well familiar to it, she treats mother and the father kindly. They too never offend her. Carry with themselves to the dacha in the summer. It seems, for so many years could and get used. But all the same each separation, even short — a stress for an animal.
When we come back, Catty takes offense. It is visible on behavior. Becomes too silent, quiet, does not react to anything. In a day or two offenses are forgotten, and it again former: friend, kind, cheerful, most faithful in the world!
If remains to Catty one at several o'clock, any concern neither to, nor after does not show. She gnaws nothing, does not do underminings under a door. Most likely, she just sleeps when there is nobody. Traces of the fact that she goes crazy do not happen. But we have one "trouble": when for a long time we leave, we leave included in light.

What are ill the American cockers spaniels?

the Main problem of all cockers are ears. They as lop-eared dogs, collect on them anything. Also doggies are inclined to an allergy: happens, skin is shelled and itches. Catty has problems with mammary glands. A few years ago she had a tumor, did operation. In order that the disease did not return, we give to a dog special hormonal medicines.
– a dog age. She already almost completely went blind, she has a glaucoma, lost hearing, teeth fell out. And teeth began to spoil and drop out early enough. Though we looked after them, regularly cleaned, processed different gels. What only tried: and simple, both with additives, and with vitamins. All the same dropped out. But also the lack of teeth does not prevent it to eat well. And not only cottage cheese and a squash, and what manages to steal from a table!

the American spaniels Easily study?

knows all main teams. And "to Sit!", and "to Lie!", and "Voice!", and "Somersaults!" …
of Observation of the owner: The American cockers spaniels are clever dogs. They can be taught quietly everything to that you want. The main thing with them to be engaged.
Now we do not train Catty any more. A dog old as I spoke already earlier, she has problems with hearing.

What relationship of cockers with other dogs?

was always on friendly terms With Catty's boys. And to be worn not against and to be smelled. And with little girls – war. Even barks now, rushes on them, to itself does not admit. And snatches also on young people, and very big.

How active American cockers spaniels?

In the childhood and youth cockers are rather active dogs. When Catty was little, we long walked with her in the park. Took with themselves balls, toys, sticks. Now walks are much quieter. But all the same we try to walk with it longer: in the morning – on minutes 30-40, in the evening – one or one and a half hours. At the weekend in good weather we leave on the nature, of course, we take a dog with ourselves.


the owner is necessary to the American cocker spaniel?

Ya I think, the dog of this breed will suit also the beginning dog breeder. What were us with the husband 13 years ago. The main thing – to love and care for the pet. Then mutual understanding will come by itself. These doggies would suit the active, cheerful, cheerful owner who with pleasure would spend time with them. But definitely not the child!

Photo: from personal archive of Lilia Niemogai.

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