• Mar 9, 2019

in the house of a puppy to make the life brighter and emotionally rich. It is very important to watch of the pet over health, to care for his comfort. Sometimes aberrations can be found accidentally. For example, on a laying the set of scales of skin appears. In such situation it is important to understand the reasons of appearance of dandruff in a dog and ways of disposal of a problem.

Dandruff at a dog: reasons

Main reasons

Cells of skin are constantly updated - it is natural process. However, when the become lifeless parts of an epithelium become too much, it is possible to speak about pathology. Most often dandruff at dogs is caused by the following reasons:

The Dandruff Reasons at Dogs

How to Get Rid of Dandruff at Dogs

Why the Dog Had a Dandruff

  1. Defective diet . If in food of an animal there is no necessary set of vitamins and mineral substances, then the state of health worsens that first of all is shown by problems with skin.
  2. Industrial forages of bad quality . Cheap chips and canned food contain the preservatives, dyes, fragrances causing an allergy in the structure. Allergic reaction often promotes appearance of dandruff.
  3. Serious diseases . Peeling of skin can be a symptom of such diseases as diabetes or eczema. Only the veterinarian can establish similar interrelation.
  4. Invasion of parasites . If the dog is attacked by fleas, she begins to scratch strenuously that can provoke formation of the shelled sites. In places having combed skin begins to exfoliate.
  5. Too frequent washing . It is recommended to bathe a dog as seldom as possible. Weekly water procedures dry up an integument, depriving of it a protective layer. As a result there can be various diseases of skin which are followed by peeling.
  6. Bad water quality . Water from under the crane contains chlorine and other harmful impurity which can negatively affect health of an animal. Problems with skin can become the first manifestation of it.
  7. Severe stress . The mentality of dogs is very sensitive. Negative psychoemotional reactions often cause physical manifestations. Dandruff can become one of them.

Sometimes peeling of an integument is caused by banal dryness of air indoors with central heating. If such problem arises at the pet only during the winter period, the reason means it is connected with work of a heating system.

Temporary appearance of dandruff can be a natural result of a molt. It is necessary to comb out only daily animal hair, and soon everything is normalized.

Ways of elimination of a problem

Prevention of Dandruff at a Dog

For a start it is necessary to visit veterinary clinic where the expert will draw the conclusion about the state of health of a dog. If the pet as it should be, it is necessary to exclude the external reasons causing appearance of dandruff. It is necessary to give to an animal only bottled or boiled water and also a qualitative forage. Its diet has to be full, it is in addition possible to include vitamins.

It is possible to eliminate dryness of air indoors by means of a household humidifier. It is necessary to comb out to a thicket hair of a dog a brush with massage effect — it will improve blood circulation and a condition of skin.

of la of protection against fleas and ticks should use special drops and collars. It is necessary to wash an animal only in urgent cases, using quality shampoo.

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