• May 19, 2019

Labradors have three options of a color: black, pale-yellow (from white to yellow), chocolate (from hepatic to dark chocolate) and also a set of shades. It is caused by a genetic factor. In it all information telling about breed including on different colors which have to be considered is concluded. Life expectancy of a dog also depends on genes. Therefore it is interesting to know how the color of a Labrador affects his longevity.

As the Colour of a Labrador Affects His Longevity

Scientists of the University of Sydney headed by professor Paul Makgrivi found out that color of a dog plays a significant role in quality and term of life . For this purpose they investigated electronic data of the veterinary clinics of Great Britain taken in one year. The comparative analysis of medical documents of 33,320 Labradors retrievers was carried out.

Result showed that life expectancy of representatives of breed of a chocolate color is approximately one year less, than dogs of other flowers.

Health and Longevity of a Labrador

On average retrievers live 12−14 years. Most of all they are affected by ear infections, obesity and diseases of joints. But chocolate Labradors are subject to these diseases more often , than black or pale-yellow fellows. The reason of this phenomenon is in a recessive gene of these dogs. For receiving puppies of chocolate color manufacturers select both parents bearing this sign. Because of it the percent of the genes connected with diseases of ears, skin and joints increases.

Such diseases as otitis and piotravmatichesky dermatitis, affect much more often than individuals of chocolate color. It is visible to by the received results:

  • various inflammations of an ear — black retrievers (12.8%), pale-yellow (17%) and chocolate (23.4);
  • sharp damp dermatitis — black retrievers (1.1%), pale-yellow (1.6%) and chocolate (4%).

Colour of a Labrador

the Repeating infections weaken immunity and worsen the standard of living of a dog. Owing to restriction of a gene pool the number of years is reduced. The conducted researches showed that the vital term of Labradors also depends on a color .

When choosing a dog it must be kept in mind that not only medical care, but also of the geneticist define health and longevity of the house favourite . Therefore responsible owners treat the choice of color of future pet practically. But anyway the devoted friend who will become the excellent satellite on walk, hunting or a travel can grow up from a Labrador of any color.

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