• Apr 10, 2019

people often go On summer holiday together with pets. There favourites are often waited by insects: mosquitoes, wasps, bees and ticks. To avoid troubles, it is necessary to keep an eye on a dog constantly. But if sad acquaintance did not manage to be avoided, each owner is obliged to know how to help a dog if she was bitten by a wasp. The main thing not to panic and have always at itself a first-aid medicine.

How to Help a Dog if She Was Bitten by a Wasp

That has to be in a first-aid kit

First of all it is not necessary to give in to panic. Each dog breeder is obliged to take in distant trips a first-aid kit in which have to be:

Processing of a Wound after a Sting

  • cotton wool;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • iodine;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • Fenistil or Suprastin antihistamines.

them is allowed to be bought in the form of tablets or intramuscular injections. If the dog was bitten by a wasp, then they will help to avoid development of allergic reaction. It can be prompt therefore from the owner acceptance of immediate measures for its exception is required.

First aid at a sting of a wasp

Owners of canine friends should know that of a bee and a wasp always leave in the place of a sting a sting with a yadosoderzhashchy sack . It should be deleted quickly by means of tweezers. It is necessary to pull out a sting accurately not to squeeze out from it poison in a body of an animal.

The pet needs to render emergency aid. It usually consists in removal of an itch and anesthesia of the struck place. as pre-medical activity follows:

Pull Out a Sting

  • To pull out a sting.
  • To put a gauze tampon to the struck place. It is moistened in solution of liquid ammonia and water. It is allowed to wash out a wound medical or liquid ammonia. It is possible to replace these medicines with clear water. After processing put cold for removal of puffiness to an affected area.
  • To give to the pet drinking water. Especially it should be made at multiple stings.

How Quickly to Help a Dog at a Sting of a Bee

Folk healers advise to use lacteal juice of a dandelion or leaves of grated parsley. Also often use natural honey. It extends poison from a wound and prevents puffiness.

Antihistaminic tablets give within several days after a sting. They allow to avoid hypostasis and to cope with manifestations of an allergy. Each manufacturer is obliged to know, as a dog to help if it was bitten by a wasp .

Usually strong puffiness comes only in case of a repeated sting. Immediate visit of the veterinarian is required at large-scale hypostasis of skin, the complicated breath or emergence of a violet shade in the pet's language.

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