• May 18, 2019

of Kanis-terapiya (from the Greek canis — a dog and therapy — treatment) is a unique technique by means of which dogs help to be rehabilitated to children with features. It is directed to socially to adapt kids with limited opportunities and to integrate them into society without excess stress. In the European countries similar practice is quite widespread, in Russia this direction rather new.

As Dogs Help to Be Rehabilitated to Children with Special Requirements

Efficiency of kanis-therapy

The essence of a technique is that children come to the film logical center where are engaged with specially prepared and trained animals in special group. In the course of the occupation kids can drive a dog for a lead around, give her simple commands, play various simple games (to throw a ball, for example).

As Dogs Help to Be Rehabilitated to Children

For special children even such simple tasks are very hard work.

Animals feel children's mood and understand borders of opportunities . They give to the child so heat, care and friendship necessary for it. Children thanks to close interaction with a dog study communication, cease to be afraid of a big congestion of people, begin to speak accurately and competently.

The program of kanis-therapy includes occupations for development of motility, the speech, physical and intellectual activity . Children begin to express better the emotions, reveal for communication. In the course of the occupations kids are gradually accustomed to be guided in space, to own the body.

of Kanis-terapiya is shown to children with a Down syndrome, mental retardation, a cerebral palsy, autism. Well rehabilitations with dogs blind, visually impaired and hearing-impaired kids give in.

of the Contraindication and feature

At all the positive therapeutic effect the treatment technique dogs has also contraindications. children in whom such diseases as are found Cannot be engaged in kanis-therapy:

Asthma at the child

  • asthma;
  • allergy to wool;
  • animalofobiya (fear of animals);
  • skin infections;
  • open wounds.

cannot Also begin occupations with animals to the children who did not reach age of 1 year.

Many parents ask a question why it is necessary to come to occupations to the film logical center, but not to be engaged at home. All the matter is that not each interaction with a dog renders therapeutic effect. If the child just watches an animal or plays with it, it, certainly, has positive effect on mentality, but does not bring concrete benefit.


the Exercises developed in the center are directed to a specific goal — to develop these or those abilities of the child. For these tasks animals with certain characteristics are selected and study. In Russia for these purposes the breed "a golden retriever" is used. Dogs of this breed differ in sweet temper, light learning ability and great patience.

it is important to Parents to remember: kanis-therapy gives the greatest effect only in a complex with other rehabilitation and medical actions.

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