• May 20, 2019

of the Dog go on life near people, show miracles of devotion, love, become family members. But they not only the best friends of the person. The important ability is inherent in them: to help with treatment of people. There are scientific proofs, examples of how dogs help to cope with cancer. Pat therapy (medical impact of animals on people) favorably influences cancer patients.

Pet therapy by dogs

Emergence of pet-therapy

In 1796 in the British county of Yorkshire the lunatic asylum opened. The founder of a clinic William Tyyuk and his colleagues preached the humanistic principles in treatment. They the first applied dogs in therapy.

History of Pat of Therapy

Animals favorably influenced patients. At patients was noted positive dynamics :

  • the quantity of attacks decreased;
  • aggression level decreased;
  • sociability increased.

But pet-therapy as a method appeared only in the second half of the 20th century. The American psychotherapist Boris Levinson began to apply animals in treatment purposefully. He paid attention to positive reaction of patients children to his dog who during the sessions was in a reception. Levinson in 1969 entered the concept "pet-therapy".

Help in diagnostics

Help of Dogs in Diagnostics of Oncology

The sensitive dog sense of smell helps to reveal oncological diseases. The American scientist Mac-Kallok created a technique of definition of early stages of cancer tumors by means of sense of smell of animals.

In the course of the experiment made by scientists it became clear that of a dog reveal bladder oncology on an urine smell . Also diagnostic accuracy — it three times higher than the probability of accidental definition is high. Spaniels showed the highest precision of definition, a mongrel — the lowest.

In the USA the experiment by definition of early stages of a breast cancer and lungs was made. Animals were trained to react to smells of healthy and sick people. Accuracy of definition of cancer patients was 90%. Dogs almost of unmistakably reveal oncology lungs and a mammary gland.

as a result of experiments became clear that they reveal the special smell inherent in cancer cells. Having defined the chemical composition of this smell, it is possible to develop electronic devices for identification of early stages of oncological diseases.

Participation in treatment

Participation of Dogs in Pat of Therapy

The American scientists investigate influence of dogs on cancer patients of children. Results show salutary action: uneasiness level decreases, pulse, arterial blood pressure is normalized.

Therapy is provided only with the animals who were trained. are suitable For pet-therapy dogs of a certain psychotype who :

  • do not react to irritants;
  • quickly leave a stress;
  • like "to communicate" with people.

The expert develops the individual therapeutic program with participation of an animal. At the same time is considered the diagnosis, features of a disease . Animals help cancer patients to overcome alienation, hospital loneliness, to lower alarm before operation.

Is proved scientifically that dogs help suffering from cancer people. Scientists hope that results of their researches will help with further fight with онкозаболеваниями.

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