• Dec 28, 2018

Scientists recognize that it is sometimes difficult to understand behavior of a pet. The reason is in changes which resulted from communication with the person. Therefore to analyse some obscure moments, researchers found it necessary to get acquainted closer with his wild relative . For example, to make sure that the intolerance to injustice balanced dogs with wolves.

Results of a scientific experiment as dogs and wolves showed intolerance to injustice

That unites a wolf and a dog

They have the general ancestors, however today a way of life of animals absolutely different. Forest inhabitants kept lines of a wild mammal, others became companions of the person. And still between them remained something the general:

What Balanced a Wolf and a Dog during Experiences

  • they equally mark the territory;
  • in frightening situations put the tail between the legs;
  • expressing joy, wag a tail;
  • they are overtaken by the same diseases;
  • females on incubation of posterity need identical time.

In other words, the dog is a same wolf who was cultivated many centuries ago by people. As experts note, this process went quickly enough. But also today many dog breeds show noticeable traits of character and appearance of the wild fellow.

Justice — the general property

What Common Features Were Shown by a Wolf and a Dog

Long time was considered that only the person can have sense of justice. But zoopsychologists proved that it is inherent also in dumb animals.

The Austrian scientists from the university of veterinary medicine tell that during the experiment with participation of dogs and wolves, animals performed the same task. But when part of them earned the best reward, the deprived participants flatly refused to cooperate with people further.

also such moment Was noted: the wild animals having higher social status in the pack took offense the first. According to researchers, they reacted quickly and sharply right after understood that they are deprived by awards. One wolf at such moment even put the sound device out of action.

As dogs and wolves showed intolerance to injustice

Earlier there was a point of view that pets borrowed a concept about justice from the person. But experiences in which wolves were examinees proved, as this feeling is inherent in wild animals. Means, it was put still before their domestication began.

Generosity — line of dogs

The similar type of behavior was shown also by dogs, having disproved thereby a statement that sense of justice at them appeared after communication with the person. Zoopsychologists drew a preliminary conclusion that equally domestic and wild animals got this line from their far general ancestor. At the same time scientists do not exclude also result of influence of the person. The made experiments showed that in comparison with forest fellows, domestic dogs showed smaller sensitivity on injustice.

Observations of animals continued also after the end of an experiment. Wolves, without having forgotten offense, avoided people. At the same time dogs did not change the attitude towards the person in any way. Probably, in it also affected domestication consequences: pets know features of behavior of the owners and do not harbor against them malice.

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