• Feb 26, 2019

quite often should render to Dogs the emergency help for one reason or another. However not always it turns out to find the veterinarian nearby and time when the pet needs the help, can be late. Therefore the manufacturer needs to understand how it is correct to give to a dog a tablet and to give an enema.

As to Give An Enema to a Dog

Carrying out enema

To carry out the procedure, the dog is previously put on one side in a basin or a bathtub. The animal of large breed can be laid also on the floor, having laid a surface an oilcloth, and then fabric. It is important to calm the pet for this purpose to the owner enough to stroke. It is desirable to muzzle to a dog as because of unpleasant feelings she can show aggression. Work with an animal in medical a glove x. Manipulations carry out in the following order:

As It Is Correct to Give An Enema to a Dog

  1. Esmarkh's mug or the syringe are filled with solution and let out the air then process a tip of the device and an anus of the ward vaseline oil.
  2. The tube is entered accurately, rotary motions, trying not to press strongly. The recommended depth of penetration is equal to about two — three centimeters for small breeds, and to five centimeters — for large.
  3. Smoothly press the tank, watching that liquid flowed without resistance. At the termination of intake of solution the tip is taken and clean an exhaust outlet from pollution then continue the procedure.
  4. If an enema medical, then upon termination of manipulation press a tail of an animal to an anus, having recorded thereby medicamentous means inside for fifteen minutes. The cleaning enema does not assume water keeping.

the Ways allowing to feed with a tablet

Some dogs with pleasure eat any drugs. But such feature is characteristic not all animal. Therefore owners should use a lot of the efforts to give to drink a dog tablets .

Exists several ways which should be studied in more detail.

Vykladyvany drugs on language

Most often manufacturers use this method as it is the fastest. to achieve desirable result, it is necessary to make the following:

How to Give a Tablet to a Dog

  1. By means of big and index fingers to open the pet's mouth, having pressed in a junction of teeth.
  2. At fast speed it is accurate to put medicine on a language root.
  3. To raise the head to an animal and to stroke around a throat that the glotatelny reflex worked.
  4. To praise the pet upon termination of the procedure.

If a dog does not differ in especially appeasable character and can bite even the owner, it is worth trying it to give to drink a tablet by means of the special device — an introdyyuser. It is on sale in any vetapteka.

Mixing with food

Masking of Tablets in Food

It is better to give to drink aggressive animals medicine by means of such way. For this purpose will be rather simple to put medicine in a ball from forcemeat or a portion of a forage.

But very cunning and bright dogs who notice tablets meet and leave them in a bowl untouched. In such cases is important to wrap medicine in food very densely that the pet swallowed this piece completely. As delicacy cheese remarkably will approach. If the dog trained, then it is possible to try to give her any habitual command. The animal will think that the award is provided to it, and will swallow the capsule.

Holding any procedures has to be carried out accurately, attentively and surely. It is desirable to consult previously with the veterinarian.

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