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Puppies of a beagle – the surprising beings admiring with the beauty, mind and children's spontaneity. Many dog breeders are sure that representatives of this breed are the most friendly and devoted dogs. They quickly find a common language with new acquaintances and well get on in family, become beautiful friends for children and adults. Pets are cheerful, active and cheerful. However, as well as all hounds, they have one shortcoming – excessive obstinacy. In this regard education of puppies can bring upon owners some trouble, demand manifestation of patience, persistence and sharpness.

As It Is Correct to Look After Puppies of a Beagle
Puppies of a beagle are the surprising beings admiring with the beauty, mind and the nursery непосредственностью

Бигли are among hunting dogs. Our ancestors used dexterous pets for hunting for a small game, generally rabbits and hares. Modern representatives of breed is rather partners, than getters. However sometimes they are used also for hunting. The excellent sense of smell conducts dogs on life. Dogs are never as happy as while managed to find a new interesting smell.

History of origin

The breed a beagle is known to people for a long time. However still it is definitely from where it originates not established. Exists several main versions of appearance of amusing pets. According to the most widespread theory, a dog appeared at the time of the early Middle Ages. They became successful result of pairing of the English terriers and French hounds. To the middle of the 17th century in England two main kinds of breed were created: southern hound and northern beagle.

The popularity of aristocratic hunting became the main reason of purposeful cultivation of beagles. Often not only men, but also women of quality went to trade. That it was more convenient to them to hunt, it was decided to remove breed of little dogs whose size did not exceed 20 cm. Such pets easily found room in hands of equestrians and did not bring serious trouble.

The breed enjoyed wide popularity in Great Britain until the end of the 19th century, and with approach of the XX century demand for dogs sharply fell. But interest in pets increased in other countries. For example, beagles were widely adopted in America. In 1888 there even the National club of breed was created. And the official standard was adopted much later – in 1957

There are also other versions of origin of breed having the right for life. For example, some experts claim that the first dogs of this look appeared in Ancient Greece. Such conclusions are drawn not without the bases. As the proof scientists use notes of the Ancient Greek historian Xenophon. In the works he described the hounds able to pick up dexterously a trail. Dogs had the compact sizes that allowed to carry them on hunting in the small baskets attached to saddles. Dogs of unusual breed of hounds lived also in the estate of the Welsh prince Pvill who was a contemporary of the king Artur. The people adhering to this version of emergence of breed are sure that Romans delivered the first pets on the territory of England.

The adult beagles and puppies having gay character and sweet appearance become great actors. They can be met in various popular movies. So, surprising pets acted in at film of Superpes, in all series "Cats against Dogs". Last time the representative of breed was lit on the blue screen in 2014, having played a role in the movie "Beauty and Monster".

As It Is Correct to Look After Puppies of a Beagle
the Breed a beagle is known to people for a long time

Where to buy a puppy

Before buying a little beagle, it is necessary to decide on the purpose of such purchase. If you want to make the loyal friend as a hobby, any puppy from healthy parents will approach. If the purpose is participation in exhibitions and various competitions, it is necessary to look for an animal in the specialized nurseries which are engaged in cultivation of elite dogs. It is possible to address also the manufacturers offering exhibition dogs and "working" doggies for hunting.

Buying a thoroughbred pet, it is necessary to study his documents carefully. The main paper – a family tree. It demonstrates to what you buy a thoroughbred dog from good ancestors. And also proves that the pet is suitable for further reproduction. Having convinced of authenticity of documents, surely estimate conditions of keeping of dogs. Open-air cages have to be clean and spacious, and puppies – well-groomed and active. Learn what veterinary and preventive procedures are carried already out.

Before purchase it is desirable to get acquainted with puppy parents. It is worth paying special attention to behavior of mother, many traits of character, manners, features of mentality are descended. The dog has to be healthy, well-groomed, well-mannered and moderately well-fed. Aggression in relation to posterity is inadmissible.

Be surely convinced of that parents of puppies of breed a beagle were not close relatives. Otherwise the risk of congenital defects is high. If it was not succeeded to see a dog, look at him with a photo, learn about health and merits. Titles and awards demonstrate that puppies have high potential.

It is better to take away the little pet on the new residence at the age of 1.5-2 months. As a rule, to it terms kids are accustomed to independent food and are psychologically ready to separation from mother. When cubs are 45 days old, they are examined by the cynologist. It is necessary for an exception of risk of breeding marriage. Each young beagle is given a puppyish card or a metrics in which all necessary data are entered. At the age of 6 months it is replaced with a family tree, for this purpose it is necessary to address to club.

Some experts consider that it is better to buy a dog at the age of 3.5-4 months. However the earlier the animal will appear in the house, the its training will be more successful. At early age it is simpler to impart the skills necessary for education of an obedient dog.

How to train a puppy of a beagle (video)

External signs of breed

When choosing the pet it is necessary to pay attention not only to documents and ancestors, but also to the doggie. First of all, it is necessary to estimate his behavior. The healthy animal has to be mobile, active and playful. The cowardice and slackness can testify to diseases or psychological problems. Also external characteristics are important. One of key indicators is the condition of a hair. It has to be healthy, brilliant, elastic. Presence of dandruff or bald spots – sign of bad leaving.

Attentively examine also other parts of a body of the pet. Normal are considered the following indicators:

  • moist and cold lobe of a nose;
  • light pink mucous membranes;
  • brilliant and clean eyes without allocations;
  • clean ears with a light pink outer surface.

If care of puppies of a beagle is carried out correctly, they are moderately well-fed and healthy. Appearance of the new person should not remain unnoticed for curious pets. They surely will approach you, will smell and will want to play a little. Doggies have to have strong pads, at knee joints there are small consolidations. The bite is correct, nozhnitseobrazny.

When choosing the thoroughbred representative of breed it is necessary to pay attention and to its color. Animals can have a two-color or three-colored coloring. However it is possible to judge what pets will be at adult age only in 2.5 months. Before practically all three-colored puppies monochrome, red marks on a muzzle are hardly noticeable. Two-color dogs are born light, pronounced marks are absent.

Some people when choosing a pet are guided only by own intuition. The doggie can be pleasant at first sight or choose you as the owner. If so occurred and the pet sank to you into the soul, you should not doubt. Take him – most likely, this is your dog. He will become the beautiful friend and the faithful partner.

As It Is Correct to Look After Puppies of a Beagle

of Feature of character and training of pets

If you decided to get a beagle, will surely get acquainted with features of his character. It will allow to avoid surprises further. You should not forget that ancestors of pets are hunting dogs. The passion to search of production is transferred to puppies with maternal milk. The rare pet will refuse an attractive opportunity to walk on a trace or to attack a neighbour's cat. In this regard during walks it is always necessary to be on the alert. To let out the pet without lead, and especially without master's supervision is not necessary.

during walks always you watch that the dog did not drop out of a field of vision. Having felt a new smell, the pet can easily get lost or get into some unpleasant situation. Surely teach a pet to basic teams "faugh" and "place". If independent training does not bring result, ask for the help experts. However it happens seldom: usually problems with education of a clever dog do not arise.

It is necessary to begin training at once after the pet gets used to life in the new house. It is necessary to show it who is a leader and authority on couple. If not to make it, the animal can become uncontrollable. Process of training has to be based so that the dog did not manage to start missing and switch attention to other, more interesting things. Periodically the owner will need to show persistence, beagles are incredibly stubborn.

If the puppy often and for a long time remains one, it is necessary to take care of that morning walks were the most active and saturated. Energy of the pet bursts forth, it is just necessary that it found a way out. Otherwise the pet begins to miss and be nervous. Remaining alone, he tries to have a good time. As a rule, furniture, footwear and other things of the owner are used. That to save them, provide to the kid necessary physical activity. Besides, surely get special toys in pet-shop.

the Most comfortably hunting dogs feel in the company similar . Beagles not an exception: if you bring two representatives of breed at once, they will perfectly get on and will not miss. And here the neighbourhood with other pets can become not so trouble-free. The dog can take little animals for production and begin active hunting. The dog gets on with children well.

As It Is Correct to Look After Puppies of a Beagle

How to be prepared for emergence in the house of a puppy

It is necessary to be prepared for emergence in you in the house of the new family member in advance. needs to visit pet-shop and to get accessories:

  • lead, collar or breast-band;
  • bowls for water and food;
  • plank bed;
  • toys;
  • means for care of an oral cavity;
  • hairbrushes and shampoo.

It is necessary to accustom to a collar and a lead of the pet since the childhood. It will allow to avoid unpleasant surprises during walk and to develop obedience bases. Despite the small sizes, a beagle – a dog strong and active. It needs to be considered when choosing ammunition. It has to be qualitative, maintain big loading.

In the house it is necessary to allocate to the pet own corner where he will feel most comfortably and safely. There it is necessary to arrange a berth of a pet. For a dream it is possible to choose a soft plank bed or a pillow. It is desirable that it had a removable cover which will facilitate purity maintenance. On a bed it is desirable for puppy to put the rag storing a maternal smell. It needs to be taken from the manufacturer.

Before appearance of the pet the house needs to be secured. Remove wires, cover sockets which are located low. Hide all small objects which the animal can gnaw. During the first days of stay on the new place the pet can be sad, sluggish and low-active. It is the normal reaction caused by a stress from moving. Soon the kid will get used and will settle into shape.

That the owner who came back from work did not find the apartment in the crushed state, it is necessary to get for the pet of a toy. With rubber and plush friends the beagle will have a good time not only alone, but also after walks. So he will be able to splash out unspent energy.

As It Is Correct to Look After Puppies of a Beagle

of the Rule of leaving

It is simple to look after little pets. Dogs of this breed are among unpretentious pets therefore care of kids will not take away from the owner many forces and time. That the pet to feel comfortable, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

  1. Hair of beagles dense and short. will help to Support her in good condition regular combing. Optimum frequency – 2-3 times a week. It is necessary to carry out water procedures 1 time in 2 weeks. After each walk it is necessary to wash the pet's paws and also to attentively examine them on presence of wounds and splinters.
  2. require Special attention long ears of pets . 2-3 times a month them need to be examined on existence of inflammation and pollution. At detection of any diseases it is necessary to address the veterinarian. Dirt can be removed by means of the Q-tip moistened in special lotion.
  3. One of weak points of the pet are eyes. them needs to be wiped with damp wadded disks regularly. Some experts recommend to carry out hygiene with use of antimicrobial means. At emergence of purulent allocations it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.
  4. the Hairstyle of claws, as a rule, is not required . Active pets grind off them about asphalt. If it does not occur, it is necessary to cut claws special nail clippers. It is necessary to do it with the maximum care not to touch blood vessels and not to allow bleeding.

The correct leaving – guarantee of attractive appearance and great health of the pet. Remember that care and attention are required for a pet. If you are not able to provide them, refuse the idea of purchase of a dog better.

the Interesting facts about beagles (video)

What to feed with

a pet

Obesity – a disease which is characteristic of breed. Pets do not feel saturation therefore easily eat everything that lies in their bowl. Not to allow problems with health, to watch carefully the favourite's diet, the volume of portions and frequency of meals the owner has to. Sad expression of eternally hungry eyes of a dog often very much disturbs it.

It is possible to feed a dog with natural food and purchased dry feeds. The second option is most convenient and preferable as it allows to control behind quantity of eaten. Besides, the dry feed contains all necessary nutrients. However you should not buy cheap food, it is unhealthy a dog. It is necessary to spend money for premium class forages.

At natural food the basis of a diet is made by low-fat meat: turkey, beef, etc. It is combined with porridges from any grain. It is also possible to give to the favourite an offal, dairy products, boiled vegetables, unsweetened fruit. When feeding by natural food it is necessary to take care of inclusion in a diet of vitamin and mineral complexes.

At first it is necessary to feed puppies with food, habitual for them. Then it is possible to transfer to a new diet gradually.

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