• Feb 26, 2019

to Each owner of the four-footed alumna should face such biological process as a techka.

How to help a dog during a techka: councils

It testifies to readiness of a dog for reproduction of posterity and is followed by psychological and physiological changes in an organism.

This period passes differently, depending on breed. It is necessary to look narrowly attentively at an animal to understand features and to help a dog during a techka.

Signs and symptoms

How to help a dog during a techka: recommendations to the manufacturer

For the owner and his alumna the first techka (a pustovka, or эструс) is the difficult period which is followed by many new problems.

At small breeds the pustovka comes approximately in 8 months , at large — in one and a half years and later.

If the owner studied all subtleties of usual behavior of an animal, it will be easy for it to define approach of this period.

The dog does not execute the command, is immoderately active and playful.

Hormonal splashes do it subject to an instinct: it becomes free in behavior, provokes dogs to pairing.

the Main symptoms of the coming techka:

  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Keen interest in dogs.
  3. Bloody allocations.
  4. Nervousness, aggression in relation to other females.
  5. Full refusal of food or its absorption in large numbers.

One more of signs of a pustovka is the molt bringing to the owner additional trouble. Techka period duration usually about 3 weeks, in certain cases — about one month.

at the beginning of an estrus of a dog ignore and do not admit dogs as there did not come the fertilization period yet.

In a week of allocation become lighter, consistence — mucous. At a dog excitement and aspiration to pairing is shown. Such behavior is observed within 7−9 days. At this time from the owner the special attention is required.

Councils to the manufacturer boughs

What conditions contain a dog is of great importance. If the owner does not plan to knit to a bough, then during this period should observe extra care:

How to Help a Dog during a Techka

  1. To walk an animal only on a lead, without lowering from it eyes. Usually obedient and quiet alumnae become uncontrollable, not reacting to teams.
  2. To protect from dogs. There are cases when on negligence of the owner his thoroughbred favourite copulates with domestic dogs.
  3. In the period of a pustovka to refuse exhibitions and festivals in order to avoid accidental knitting and also sharp change of behavior of an animal that can cause troubles.
  4. Not to bathe in doubtful reservoirs: infection of a genital tract is possible.
  5. To keep an animal clean. Many boughs lick themselves, but additional leaving is sometimes necessary. Some owners, to avoid traces of allocations, put on the alumna special panties for protection of a floor, carpets and furniture against spots.

Is necessary caring attitude to health and keeping of a dog, especially in the period of a techka.

Besides, many owners prefer to apply and means for regulation of sexual hunting "Contras Sex of Neo" is the safe medicine adjusting behavior of an animal.

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