• Aug 22, 2019

Communication between feeding of dogs and their behavior – a question which is actively studied by scientists of the whole world. For the present many aspects remained not up to the end studied, however there are already some conclusions which allow to understand, as feeding of a dog affects her behavior .

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For quite some time now, unlike cats, do not carry dogs to strictly carnivorous beings - it is a plotovseyadny animal . And as a dog – the descendant of a wolf, scientists analysed 50 diets of wolves from different corners of Earth.

According to these results, the diet of wolves consists not only of meat, but also of a grass, berries, nuts and fruit. At the American wolves found in a diet even corn! At the same time wolves eat a hem, but do not eat vegetable contents of a hem of the production. But they first of all eat interiors: liver, kidneys, spleen and heart. And vegetable food occupies quite big share of a wolf diet.

Dogs are not wolves, and any more the diet of dogs nevertheless differs from wolf : dogs consume less protein, but at the same time there are more carbohydrates as in the course of domestication they bought the mechanisms allowing to acquire carbohydrates. (Bosch et al., 2015)

affects behavior of a dog quantity and quality of a forage and also how there takes place feeding.

In relation to food of a dog behave differently. For example, there is such concept as protection of a resource extending and on food when the dog aggressively protects what eats, including from owners. Anna Lineva at the Pet's Behavior conference – provided 2018 curious data of researches which showed that degree of expressiveness of such behavior depends both on specific features of a dog, and on a forage. So, dogs protected delicacies, food from a table or a bone more aggressively, is less aggressive – own bowl with food, and to a bowl with water to the majority there was no business.

By the way, it became clear that of a dog who are fed "in the second turn" show aggression more often , protecting that food which is considered, and beg more often. Therefore council "the experienced cynologists who brought up 28 алабаев" to build hierarchy in family because the dog eats with the last, leads to problems more often, than to positive results.

Many dogs beg , and people, sometimes involuntarily, support this behavior, though complain of it. If begging of a dog became for you a problem, the only way to decide it – to ignore everything (everything, without any exceptions!) attempts of a dog to achieve from you some desirable delicacy besides the main feeding. It is also quite good to convince the pet that you are interesting not only as a food source. And consider that the habit to begging will slowly die away. Very slowly. So if you kept month, and then nevertheless treated a doggie – can forget about all previous efforts and start anew.

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There is such problem of behavior of a dog as a pikatsizm – eating of inedible objects . It is dangerous and death of the pet can become an etiology, and even. The reason of such behavior is still not quite clear. There are hypotheses that it can be connected with digestive tract diseases, some incline to opinion that it is manifestation of a chronic stress at a dog. And as the reason is not absolutely clear, and attempts of treatment in many cases do not yield results. But nevertheless something can be undertaken. First, to provide to a dog at least of the minimum comfort , and secondly, to remove all potentially dangerous objects that the dog had to them no access.

The behavior of dogs is affected by serotonin level . Synthesis of serotonin in an organism of a dog is connected with presence of B6 vitamin, magnesium, folic and nicotinic acids. Increase in level of serotonin (for example, due to addition of his predecessor – tryptophane) can help to cope with territorial aggression, fears or a depression at a dog. And the lack of serotonin, on the contrary, can become the reason of development of a depression.

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Tryptophane contains in dairy products, eggs, mutton, chicken. Also there are special feed additives containing tryptophane.

Vetdiyetolog try to develop diets thanks to which it is possible to correct behavior of a dog .

So, at stress, fears (including panik), aggressions or depressions recommends to reduce amount of protein and to increase the tryptophane level (for example, to be meat of a lamb the basis for a diet) and also to increase amount of carbohydrates (but not at the expense of corn as in it there is not enough tryptophane).

If the dog is hyperactive , decrease in amount of protein and addition in a corn diet is recommended (it contains the enzyme reducing synthesis of catecholamines).

And for phlegmatic , the dogs who a little are slowed down it is possible to recommend increase in a tirozin and arginin (in this case it is better to choose beef from all types of meat).

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