• Aug 22, 2019

Statistically, 40% of dogs in Western Europe suffer from obesity. In our corner of the world there is no similar statistics, however veterinarians share observations that the quantity of the dogs suffering from excess weight at us grows too. Obesity of a dog is often connected with behavior of the owner. In what way?

 the English bulldog begs a photo

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of Breed, predisposed to a set of excess weight

There are certain breeds which representatives are inclined to a set of weight slightly more, than others:

  • Cocker spaniels.
  • Labradors.
  • Long-haired dachshunds.
  • Bigley.
  • Basset hounds.
Certainly, is not a sentence. The Labrador can be slender and active, and the German shepherd to suffer from obesity. Everything depends on the owner.

There are also features of thinking and behavior of owners which become the reason that even the dog who is not predisposed to a set of excess weight begins to suffer from it.

As behavior of the owner is connected with obesity of a dog

What the human factors "causing" obesity in dogs are? The research (Kienzle et all, 1998) which established connection between the attitude of the person towards a dog and obesity was conducted.

  1. Set by an animal of excess weight is promoted by excessive hominifying dogs. Very often it concerns lonely owners for whom the pet – "light in a window", "the only joy in life". And with what else to please the most favourite being how not yum-yum?
  2. Low level of activity of the owner, short walks.
  3. Frequent feedings, at the same time the owner be touched, watching how the pet eats.
  4. Frequent change of a forage which leads to excess consumption of food.
  5. Constant pichkanye of the favourite delicacies. Certainly, it is possible to treat the pet and it is necessary, but it is important to choose correctly delicacies and to consider them by drawing up a day diet.
  6. Ignoring of the fact that feeling of hunger and begging – not same. By the way, dogs with an excess weight beg more often than dogs in normal standard.
  7. Excessive weight does representatives of some breeds of dog "lovelier" in the opinion of owners. For example, pugs or the French bulldogs are very much liked "to be fattened a little bit" that they were "chubby".
  8. the Dog is fed by several family members, at the same time do not specify whether she ate already. Or the kind grandmother feeds up "eternally hungry sobachenka".
  9. As it is paradoxical, the low level of income of the owner – also often the obesity reason at a dog. There is a hypothesis according to which it is connected with the fact that dogs are fed with products of poor quality, trying to compensate quality quantity, at the same time there is no opportunity to make the balanced full-fledged diet.
 the Pug on photo scales

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Certainly, any sane owner does not wish to a dog of bad and wants to bring good only. However it is important to remember that excess weight – at all not the benefit, it can become the reason of a set of problems with health and worsen quality of life the pet.

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