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Now the hairstyle of a Yorkshire terrier became very popular and demanded procedure. The Yorkshire terrier is a tiny breed of dog. They have a lovely, kind muzzle and a clever look. Because of the sociable nature of a yorkshira became popular around the world. Especially they were fallen in love by ladies because them they can dress up, do a hair, manicure – to dream in all directions.

As the Hairstyle of a Yorkshire Terrier Is Carried Out
Now the hairstyle of a Yorkshire terrier became very popular and demanded procedure

As it is possible to cut a Yorkshire terrier

Various hairstyles, stylish hairstyles, manicure and other leaving became a part of the life of the Yorkshire women of fashion. Well-groomed and cut wool is a bargaining chip of a doggie as thanks to it it becomes object of general admiration. Hairstyles for a Yorkshire terrier can be daily and model, for exhibitions.

What represents a grooming of a Yorkshire terrier? The word "grooming" of the English origin also means "competent care of animals". Under leaving mean tidy look, a hairstyle, a hairstyle and various hygienic procedures. the Grooming is a professional approach to business, various secrets according to treatment of animals are strong> in which. To cut an animal, it is necessary to have high professionalism, the nobility as it is correct to handle it. That the doggie sustained all procedure, all conditions are created previously in order that the animal was not tired.

Professionals know from what part of a body it is necessary to begin to cut. And the most important – the Yorkshire terrier since the childhood is accustomed to these procedures that he perceived these actions as a part of the everyday life and the schedule. The animal gets used to the master's tools which flash before his muzzle, and does not twitch as it is sure that they will not do him harm.

As the Hairstyle of a Yorkshire Terrier Is Carried Out
Various hairstyles, stylish hairstyles, manicure and other leaving became a part of the life of the Yorkshire women of fashion

of the Hairstyle for dogs of Yorkshire terriers the most various. In a grooming salons is offered the huge choice of various hairstyles and hairstyles:

  • hygienic;
  • classical;
  • house (standard);
  • model;
  • for girls;
  • for boys;
  • summer;
  • long, etc.

the Hairstyle under a chinchilla

It is very creative hairstyle when the doggie is shaved "under a chinchilla". All body of a terrier becomes covered by cross strips. This hairstyle approaches under wool of any color. An indispensable condition is length of wool which has to be not less than 13 mm. All effect of a hairstyle is shown in several days when wool grows a little and beautifully lays down layers. An impression 3D - effect is made. When this hairstyle bothers, it is possible to grow wool and to make another, for example: "hieroglyphs", "rombik" and "dragon scales".

There is one more creative way for giving of charm and freshness to a hairstyle - it is wool coloring. use the natural paints of the Japanese production made especially for animals. Coloring gives the chance to the master to ornament an animal hairstyle various patterns. Paint very resistant is also not washed away. In process of wool growth the drawing and a hairstyle can be changed. On light wool drawings turn out much more beautifully. With such drawings the doggie will not remain unnoticed.

Yorkshire terriers girls have to be cut so that their refinement was emphasized. To girls tie bows, elastics, braid braids, do curls, reeling up wool on hair curlers. For Yorkshire terriers girls there is a hairstyle "short skirt".

As the Hairstyle of a Yorkshire Terrier Is Carried Out

Hairstyles for Yorkshire terriers boys strict, with straight lines. Wool of a muzzle and forehead has hair cut shortly. In case there is desire to leave a bang long, then boys will be is ideal by a hairstyle "drakonchik".

the Korean hairstyle a Yorkshire terrier is Very popular and. It is Asian style which was fallen in love to owners of Yorkshire terriers. The pet is given doll charm. In this image the huge role is played by details – accessories (hairpins, a beads, tapes, etc.) and bright dresses.

The trunk and a neck of a Yorkshire terrier are sheared the machine. Wool of a muzzle is cut shortly, giving it round shape. On ears leave long hair which gather elastics in tails.
The hairstyle of the head of a Yorkshire terrier is made at the request of the owner – wool on the head is sheared shortly or left long for weaving of braids. On paws leave long wool.
Podstriganiye of a tail is made at the request of the owner in the form of a long feather or a short pompon.

Gallery: hairstyle of a Yorkshire terrier (37 photos)

puppy Grooming

Puppies are cut according to the following scheme:

  • to a five-day Yorkshire terrier shear claws;
  • to three-week – claws and ears;
  • at the age of 1.5 months for the first time make a hygienic hairstyle – shear hair in inguinal area;
  • at the age of 4 months to a puppy cut ears, a tummy and a muzzle;
  • the first hairstyle is made on 6-7 month.

The hairstyle of a Yorkshire terrier in house conditions is possible. If to do everything step by step and attentively, it is possible most to learn to cut the doggie. The instruction how to cut a Yorkshire terrier in house conditions, absolutely not difficult. It is necessary to stock up with patience and the necessary tools only:

  • the machine with nozzles of a knife of the different sizes;
  • scissors with the round ends;
  • a hairbrush with large teeth and an oilcloth (for a laying).

As the Hairstyle of a Yorkshire Terrier Is Carried Out

Step-by-step lesson of a hairstyle of a Yorkshire terrier:

  1. Shave small pillows of paws in the form of slippers. Use the machine with a knife nozzle in 1 mm. Take a pad in hand and, carefully moving apart small pillows and fingers, shave wool. A pad it is impossible to take aside as to a doggie it will be sore.
  2. Wool from ears is sheared. The direction of movements is made strictly on wool. The flat line has to turn out. Against wool ears do not shave off as it is possible to cut an ear.
  3. A hygienic hairstyle of a Yorkshire terrier in genitals. The knife of the machine should be replaced with 3 mm and to shave off against wool as hair grow in this zone extensively. Shaving is begun under a tail.
  4. The back and the case are shaved against wool.
  5. Hairstyle of a neck and breast: wool is shaved off to the head basis.

Cleaning of ears is a compulsory procedure, it is necessary to clean auricles from excess wool that otitis and an ear tick did not develop. There is a special powder of Biogrum which is filled up in an ear to a doggie then fingers pull out wool from ears. The doggie gets used to such procedure therefore it to it does not happen painfully.

Grooming of a Yorkshire terrier (video)

Claws are sheared by the special nail clipper which is on sale in pet-shops. It is necessary to cut claws superficially, at an angle 45º. Combing before washing is necessary for removal of small hair as after bathing to comb a dog very difficult.

Washing is carried out by special dogs shampoo. At the end of bathing wool can be processed the special conditioner for improvement of quality of pile. Drying of wool is carried out by the hair dryer.

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