• Apr 17, 2019

at dogs are applied To definition of a condition of posterity various methods and laboratory tests. Not all of them are simple and available to the ordinary manufacturer. To facilitate a task, practical receptions according to viability of newborn puppies are developed. They are simple in use, including, and in house conditions.

Assessment of Viability of Newborn Puppies:

Weight at the birth

One of informative indicators of viability of a newborn dog is a body weight at birth. By results of researches, 80% of the posterity which died in the first 2 days were born with a small weight. Weight is influenced by the size of a dung and breed. For each category of dogs are available the minimum threshold values of weight at birth :

  • for small breeds — not less than 151 g;
  • for averages — from 225 g;
  • for large — from 330 g

The Mass of Puppies at the Birth

The importance plays also quantity of individuals . The puppies of one breed who appeared from a dung in 3 heads and in 15 I will strongly differ on the weight and viability. Though experienced manufacturers notice that small individuals are both weak, and quite viable.

Krom of weight at assessment the attention to behavior of newborns is paid.

Scale Apgar

In daily practice it is simple to check a condition of posterity on a scale Apgar. At assessment of a state define several indicators:

  • breath;
  • pulse;
  • tone of skeletal muscles;
  • skin color;
  • expressiveness of reflexes.

It Is Simple to Check a Condition of Posterity on a Scale Apgar.

For each indicator from 0 to 2 points are charged. The maximum assessment for a healthy individual equals to 10 points . If the puppy gained 6 and less points, the risk of death in the first day considerably increases. There is a scale adapted for house conditions Apgar.

On it 4 indicators are estimated:

Birth of Puppies

  • frequency of breath and loudness of the made sounds;
  • tone and reflex excitability of muscles;
  • mobility of a puppy;
  • color of mucous membranes.

Besides, in any dung can be born puppies with congenital defects, incompatible with life.

Experienced dog breeders pay attention to skull bones, a condition of a mouth, a form and mobility of joints and a backbone.

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