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Sometimes the person undertakes care of a dog with unsuccessful destiny, without suspecting what problems it is necessary to face. And hands fall …

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What to do if you got to an unsuccessful dog ?

With what to begin work with an unsuccessful dog?

First of all, it should be taken into account that it is possible to work with an unsuccessful dog, however for training it is worth using an operantny method . In this case you have a chance to receive a friendly, initiative, playful and reasonable dog.

The main following making works with an unsuccessful dog:

  1. Medicines . Most likely, during adaptation of a dog to new conditions not to do without the calming medicines. However before applying them, surely consult with the veterinarian.
  2. Providing comfortable life for a dog. Five freedoms is a necessary minimum for which you as the owner bear responsibility.
  3. When the dog will be able to eat at your presence and also from a bowl which you hold in hand, some time feed a dog from hands .
  4. Be engaged with a dog, use of a game on contact establishment .
  5. If the dog avoids and is afraid of touches, the tactile contact can be used extremely carefully, better – at the initiative of a dog .
  6. If the dog allows to sit next and to slightly stroke herself, it is possible to begin to use of Ttouch massage .

How to work with fears at an unsuccessful dog?

If you got an unsuccessful dog with fears or the missed socialization, consider the following things in work:

  • Move forward, without going in cycles in "the awful past". Only when you gradually bring more and more variety life of a dog, it will be able to overcome the fears.
  • Slowly, smoothly and safely gradually "pull out" a dog from her sink. Do not fall to fears of a dog, help it to rise to your way of life.
  • Ignore manifestations of fear at a dog. If you do not know that to do – just you are silent and observe.
  • Support any manifestations of research behavior and courage. The fear rolls and rolls away waves – give to a dog what she wants as soon as she slightly calms down.
  • Remember that fun and laughter – an excellent reinforcement for a dog.

Socially adapted dog comfortable for joint life has to become result of work.

What to do if the dog is afraid of people?

  • Convince a dog that the person – a source of pleasures: games, delicacies, pleasant communication.
  • Encourage manifestations of an initiative in relation to the person including begging. It is possible to lay down on a floor and to hide delicacies in clothes.
  • you Teach a dog to touch you a nose or paws, to put at the command of a paw.
  • you Teach a dog to teams when which performing the person "hangs" over her: "Snake", "Lodge", "Volt".

What to do if the dog is afraid of the street?

  • Stop to be afraid. Take measures at which you will be precisely sure that the dog will not run away. It is possible to put a collar and a breast-band on a dog and to take two leads. Make sure that ammunition is adjusted so that the dog did not slip out it.
  • Ignore manifestations of fear and you praise for behavior which is pleasant to you. As soon as the wave of fear falls down, encourage a dog (for example, take couple of steps towards the house).
  • Please a dog on the street.

What to do if the unsuccessful dog is afraid of other dogs?

  • Work with a distance and encourage the correct behavior of a dog (for example, reconciliation signals).
  • you Teach a dog to alternative behavior at the sight of other dogs.
  • Form positive experience of communication with relatives.

What to do if the dog is unscrupulous?

Schooling to cleanliness depends on the reason for which the dog leaves pools and small groups at home, and there is a lot of such reasons. What it is possible to make to accustom an unsuccessful dog to go to a toilet on the street?

  • First of all, to check health.
  • to Set a day regimen.
  • to Eliminate smells indoors.
  • to Praise a dog when she celebrates need on the street.

What to do if at an unsuccessful dog disturbing frustration?

Disturbing frustration at an unsuccessful dog has three elements:

  1. Howl or bark of the house.
  2. Destructive behavior.
  3. Untidiness.

It is important to stock up with patience, correction of disturbing frustration can borrow an unsuccessful dog till 1 year, and even in this case a recurrence is possible.

Should not confuse disturbing frustration with boredom or a lack of intellectual or physical activity.

To help a dog to cope with disturbing frustration, the individual plan of correction of behavior is formed.

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As still it is possible to help an unsuccessful dog?

With any dog, including unsuccessful, it is necessary to be engaged. What occupations to offer such pet?

  1. Search games. They help a dog to develop self-confidence, to learn to solve problems, to develop persistence and skills of self-checking, provide intellectual loading, bring pleasure.
  2. Stunt training . She teaches a dog to trust the owner, gives pleasure from collaboration, learns to own the body and to solve new problems, increases motivation to training.
  3. Training in necessary teams by an operantny method (by means of of a positive reinforcement ).

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