• Dec 24, 2019

American to the bull — rare breed, in Belarus only about 9 such dogs. I brought the dog from the Netherlands.

American to the Bull of a Photo

On a photo: American to the bull

What character at American to the bull?

The bull grow up ours — grew, but did not mature. Little girls are younger and they still build up character, and the boy – the big sweetie, absolutely harmless, kind and very vulnerable.

In my opinion, physically to the bull are formed by 3 years, but psychologically ripen much later. Though to my dog nearly 4 years, he still behaves as a puppy.

Observations of the manufacturer: Dogs of breed to the bull at the genetic level have no aggression. To people they are very good-natured - it is result of long purposeful selection, but, despite years of work of selectors, zooaggression up to the end did not manage to be "removed". My dog will not even understand if someone attacks him: he will think that play with it, and the little girl for herself will stand.

of Bulli is possible and it is necessary to take in family with children, even small — these dogs will not offend either the adult, or the child and like to participate in childish sports. Before stopping the choice on this breed, study history American to the bull . Also it is necessary to pay special attention to appearance of parents of a puppy — they have to correspond to the standard of breed American the bull .

Puppies American to the Bull of a Photo

On a photo: puppies American to the bull

it is easy to train American in the bull?

Education and training American to the bull are given in very easily, they like to be engaged.

To protect the owner American to the bull if necessary will be able, with them successfully pass OKD and ZKS. But the house will be protected by them hardly though here everything is individual.

For the bull early socialization, schooling of a dog to new people and smells, training in the friendly attitude towards other animals is very important. In the course of education it is important to improve trusting relationship with a dog, but at the same time to remain for her the leader, the leader whose manual it needs.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: It is necessary to bring up to the bull moderately strictly, without use of physical force. Training of a puppy in teams is begun with early age in house conditions. From 6 months it is desirable to begin visit of courses on obedience.

American to the Bull of a Photo

On a photo: American to the bull

How to look after American to the bull?

To support dogs of any breed in a tone and good physical shape, it is necessary to give physical activities surely. To the bull not an exception, but in hot weather walking at my dogs is limited, I try not to strain in their summer as dogs massive and heavy, the cardiovascular system can suffer. We specially for the sake of them moved to the private house that they could spend much time on the street.

American to the bull perfectly feel in apartments. Street contents and the open-air cage categorically do not suit them — it is fraught with overcooling and a disease of joints.

American to the Bull of a Photo

On a photo: American to the bull

And, naturally, good nutrition. It is also necessary to give vitamins and hondroprotektor for support of joints.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: Puppies till 1 year at me eat a dry feed, and after 1 year pass to natural feeding. 75% of a diet American to the bull are made by meat, 15% are vegetables and fruit, the rest — carbohydrates. Each adult dog eats 1300 of meat a day.

In the summer to the bull eat 1 — 2 time a day (because of a heat appetite at them bad), in the rest of the time — 2 times a day.

American to the Bull of a Photo

On a photo: American to the bull

How American to the bull healthy dog?

Breed relatively young and to what diseases American to the bull are predisposed, still it is up to the end unknown therefore 1 quarterly I carry dogs in a vetklinik — we make blood tests, we do ultrasonography.

American to the Bull Runs with a Photo Ball

On a photo: American to the bull

What owner is necessary American to the bull?

To the bull can be the owner both the woman, and the man. Considering origin of this breed, the dog has to feel that the owner has a character.

Puppy American to the Bull of a Photo On a photo: puppy American to the bull

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