• Dec 24, 2019
the Australian shepherd is also known to
under the name of "small blue dog" because of a color мерль, characteristic of this breed.
the Australian shepherd — the dog of the average sizes brought for protection of herd. Distinctive features of breed: live temper, attentiveness and uncommon physical force. Specific feature of breed – naturally stopped tail.
The Australian shepherd is 4 colors :
  • red
  • red with burn marks
  • blyu-merl
  • black.
Australian shepherds are ideal for life in rural areas and need the competent owner.
Now Australian shepherds work not only as shepherds, but also athletes, dogs assistants and search for drugs.
As Australian shepherds are exclusively mobile, they need serious physical activities, otherwise the dog will show destructive behavior. If you get a dog for life in the city, it is better to avoid Australian shepherds of working cultivation – in the city it is necessary to them hardly.


Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs

Information on breed

Country of origin of the USA
of Use of breed Shepherd's
Life expectancy of 12 — 15 years
Growth in withers of 46 — 58 cm
Weight of 16 — 32 kg
Special attention Hyperexcitability
Physical activity Intensive

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