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Stunt training – very useful thing. Here from the pet compliance to any rigid criteria as at delivery of standards, and a game is taken as a principle is not required. Stunt training develops intelligence of a dog, self-confidence and as it is a game which is fascinating both for you, and for an animal, your relationship improves. How to train a dog in tricks?

zolotisty the retriever "gives five to" the person of a photo

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First of all, it is important that training in tricks was pleasure and entertainment both for you, and for a dog. Therefore stunt training has to be based only on a positive reinforcement . In this case dogs become cheerful, vigorous, exact, obedient and are capable to execute any teams perfectly. We give to a dog chance to win (again and again), to interact consciously with us and to control the part of work.

What can be encouragement for a dog in stunt training?

Many consider that encouragement is always delicacy. It is right, but not absolutely. Encouragement is what the dog wants at present. When training a dog in tricks can be encouragement:

  • Delicacy . Advantages: it is possible to give out almost instantly, and all dogs love tasty food. It is important to pick up, however, what is pleasant to your dog as tastes at all different. Delicacy has to be soft, and pieces – such size that the pet quickly swallowed of them, without spending time for chewing.
  • Toy . It is better to use a toy when the dog already understood what from it is required, that is for fixing of skill. Consider also that toys excite a dog.
  • Caress . Positive emotions of the person allow the pet to switch to some extent from that task which he carried out, but at the same time they excite a dog. As encouragement the caress can be used when the dog precisely knows what you wanted from it, and with pleasure carries out a trick. Also the caress can be used, for example, in breaks when you feel that the canine friend begins to be tired.
  • A game with the owner (for example, a banner). It is more valuable than just thrown toy because here interaction joins the person, and the dog derives much bigger pleasure. Certainly, a game with the owner will be encouragement in case the dog in principle likes to play with it.

Whether the oral praise in stunt training of a dog is necessary? Looking as to say it! If you sadly and quietly repeat "A good doggie …" — that hardly the pet will understand that you are happy with him.

Dogs attract enthusiastic sounds, and it is important to praise a dog so that she looked at you, wagged a tail and smiled – it means that it accepted a praise.

And consider that different dogs differently react to intensity of a praise, and rather quietly to tell someone that your favourite the good fellow, and for someone it is necessary to go all out: to show rough joy.

Important components of success of stunt training of a dog

In stunt training, as well as in any training of a dog, it is very important to mark the correct actions in time. And probably for this purpose the clicker conveniently will use .

Inadmissibly to apply inhumane methods in stunt training of a dog, including to use inhumane ammunition.

Sometimes owners say: "I tried a positive reinforcement, but it does not work!" However in each case behind it mistakes of the trainer are.

the Main mistakes in stunt training of dogs:

  1. Incorrectly picked up encouragement (at present the dog does not want what you offer).
  2. Lack of the plan. It is always necessary to keep in the head in the following step which you will support.
  3. Reinforcement at the wrong time. In this case the dog just does not understand for what you award her, so, will not learn what you from her wait for.
  4. the Excess movements preventing a dog to understand what you want from it.
  5. Too difficult task. It is necessary for a dog or more trainings, or you should break a task into several simpler steps.

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Be not upset if something goes not so.

If the dog executed the command perfectly yesterday, and today does not carry out at all, return on a step or several steps backwards. And if something absolutely is impossible, sometimes it is useful to give also to itself, and a dog a timeout and to return to the planned trick later.

Necessary conditions for stunt training of a dog

To teach a dog to new tricks , it is necessary to meet a number of conditions:

  1. the Dog has to be hungry . It does not mean that she can be not fed several days. It is enough, for example, if you are engaged in the first half of day, to give in morning of 30 - 50% of a portion, and to feed the rest during the occupation. But the strong feeling of hunger – a stress for a dog, she will think only of how to get food, and will not be able to focus on occupations.
  2. The familiar place that the dog felt comfortable.
  3. Lack of irritants (whenever possible). In the new place with a large number of irritants it is more difficult to dog to concentrate.
  4. the Dog has to be walked, but not tired .
  5. Existence of the plan .
  6. Accounting of specific features dogs.

To achieve the objectives in training of a dog , it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

  1. Smooth increase in requirements. If you see that the skill begins to turn out, raise requirements very little and look whether the dog is ready to move to a new level.
  2. Adequate level of complexity.
  3. Change of a way of a reinforcement. For example, if you teach a dog, holding a piece at her nose, then when she already begins to master skill, try "Vesti" her on an empty hand, and to give delicacy from another.
  4. Control of volume of work. Let's a dog have a rest before she is tired and will lose interest in occupations.

The most important – not to forget that occupations have to be in joy and to you, and a dog .

Consider that many tricks demand of serious physical training as they assume not absolutely natural position of a body of a dog in space. In usual life of a dog hardly go on three paws or jump with a turn by 180 degrees. And before teaching a dog to a new trick, it is worth being convinced that she is rather developed physically and coordinated. Preparatory exercises are sometimes necessary.

Safety measures at stunt training of dogs

It is important that in the course of the occupations the dog was not injured. To avoid injuries, it is necessary to observe safety measures when training a dog in tricks.

  1. Consider age restrictions. For example, it is impossible to offer at all a puppy whose bones and muscles were not created yet, to do "Hare".
  2. do not work at slippery surfaces At all.
  3. do not work at a firm, rigid surface (for example, on asphalt).
  4. Insure a dog. If she loses balance, it is necessary to support her.

With what to begin training of a dog in tricks

As a rule, stunt training of a dog is begun with acquaintance to targets. It can be:

  • Target palm.
  • Target cover.
  • Target pointer.

The dog can touch a target a nose, paws or other parts of a body, depending on a trick.

At the same time it is important to teach a dog to follow a hand, but not to be rubbed the nose constantly in it. When you will teach the favourite to the movement from yourself back to front on command "Back", for example, it is not necessary for you at all that he moved forward, утыкаясь a nose in a hand.

As a rule, first and the simplest tricks which are mastered by a dog, the following:

  1. Turns round its pivot-center.
  2. the Sit — to Stand — to Lie Complex (in the different sequence and a combination).
  3. Snake.
  4. Give a paw.
  5. Movement back.
  6. Somersaults.

These tricks can train even a puppy.

It is useful to be engaged for training in tricks with a dog in shaping . Most likely, the dog in the course of the occupation will offer you new tricks or will be pleasant to make addition to already available – and, perhaps, these innovations to you.

From single tricks it is possible to create of a sheaf and the present circus numbers . A limit here – your imagination and physical capacities of a dog.

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