• Dec 11, 2019
Training and education of a beagle — fascinating occupation. Starting training and education of a beagle, it is necessary to represent clearly with whom you deal.
 Dogs of breed beagle of a photo of the Dog of breed beagle: The photo is provided by nursery Medzhik Lyne
Aspiration to communication and aggregating behavior are good the fact that a beagle – the tireless partner in walks the invariable participant of outdoor games, a hospitable and friendly dog. However the loneliness for it is intolerable – and for you can turn back some, not too desirable, changes of an interior. Besides neighbors will begin to complain of very loud howl and bark.

Magnificent sense of smell can make a beagle the hunter not only for a game, but also for the forbidden substances at customs. And also will help it to find the smelliest muck on walk – and if not to try to eat it, then to be dropped at least.

Resourcefulness and independence – excellent qualities for a working dog. However if the beagle starts missing, he will be extremely inventive in tricks and pranks.

the Beagle is not aggressive at all, but, having played, can bite. It needs to be corrected during education of a beagle.

the Beagle – not the simplest dog for training, but not because of nonsense, and because of pronounced independence. Besides, everything is interesting to them, so, they will often distract. Very often.

Considering all aforesaid, it is possible to predict safely: in the course of education and training of a beagle from you the sea of patience and the ocean of persistence will be required!
Sometimes even do not result tens of repetitions of team in the necessary result. At the same time the tediousness and monotony enrage a beagle. Occupations with him have to be fascinating and short, at least twice a day, in total – up to 30 minutes. Skills are fixed at each opportunity (for example, you ask a dog to sit down before you put before it a bowl with food).
At training of a beagle in house conditions is important that process of training brought joy to all interested parties.
stock up with
of the House with toys. And do not give all stock at once. Better periodically change some for others that they did not bore a beagle.
start training of a beagle from the first day of appearance of a puppy in the house. All rules of conduct have to be acquired up to 6 months – to re-educate the pet then extremely difficult.
The main principle of training and education of a beagle – the sequence. Teams are formulated accurately. The following command is studied only after assimilation previous. All family members have to impose the agreed requirements to a dog.
of Punishment (shouts, beating) are unacceptable – from them there will be a harm, but not advantage. As a result the dog will lose to you trust, will become timid uncontrollable at all. For a beagle only the gingerbread method is admissible. It is not obligatory delicacy, sometimes it is enough also a praise, but do not stint it. However first yum-yum always have to be on call.
That the dog found a way out for irrepressible energy, did not destroy housing and did not injure neighbors vocal trainings, provide to the pet enough regular physical activity. Two hour walks a day (active walks!) is a living wage, but not luxury. The beagle does not need to offer outdoor games twice: a game of tag, getting of a ball, dog agility, freestyle, it – for any you boil, except a hunger strike.
 the Dog of breed a beagle of a photo
the Beagle will run much … and you together with it!
Basic teams which the beagle in the course of training has to acquire is "To me", "Nearby", "to Sit", "Lie", "Place", "Faugh" and It "is impossible". They have to be carried out perfectly is a guarantee of safety of a dog and your tranquility. On our website you will find the detailed instruction for training of a dog in the main teams . Further knowledge depends on your purposes and is limited only to your imagination.

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