• Dec 26, 2019

About such breed as a beagle, learned quite recently – a year ago. Accidentally saw a dog at the acquaintance. It is possible to tell, it was the love at first sight. Solved if I bring the four-footed pet, then it will be a beagle. My members of household did not support me, were against any dog in the house. However, having seen a puppy, at once he was accepted. It was also our favourite girl of the Ainu.

Our beagle lives with us since a month. Now to it year.

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From observations of the owner: the beagle is an eternal puppy: joyful, happy, kind, tender. Very much loves children and other animals, with pleasure plays with them. By the sizes a dog small. Is ideal for contents in the apartment. But there are also nuances: beagles gnaw everything. They possess a magnificent scent. All tasty, hidden somewhere in the house, will be surely found and eaten.
of the Ainu very much curious . Itself opens doors of lockers in search of something interesting. New smells bewitch her.
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At a dog is a lot of different toys — rubber balls, ducks, stones. And she adores … plastic bottles. And, she needs them until otgryzt a cover. Then the bottle becomes already uninteresting.

Life with a dog disciplines

All dogs teach owners to discipline and accuracy. Footwear now expensive … Beagles are the known rodents. The Ainu is also very much loved by footwear. We ate not one pair of sandals of the sister, my boots.
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of the Leg of chairs of an obgryzena to such an extent that already terribly to sit down on them. Fortunately, the apartment at us prepares for repair therefore houses of a trick of a dog are perceived quietly. Especially as our beagle matures, grows wiser. We try to disaccustom her to wrecking. Punishment for Ainu — the raised voice, the ignore list, deprivation of vkusnyashka or favourite games.

But also she taught us to much. At least to put away into place boots. And also to get up early and to walk much.

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From observations of the owner: The Ainu – a big akkuratistka. She stores those things which lie, according to her, not on places in the lodge. I already know: if I cannot long find the panel from the TV, then it it is obligatory at a dog. Lies-waits when it is found. In the same place there can be both handles, and hairpins, and other trifles.

Having got an animal, you become more responsible. The dog demands permanent care: she should be fed in certain time, to treat when is ill. At Ainu there was an allergy recently . It was necessary to change of sterns : excluded what contains chicken. At the same time after a meal drugs gave a long time. Selected shampoo …

With a beagle you will not miss!

washing with
the Ainu cheerful and clever. Definitely does not happen to it boringly! She can think out a game or with pleasure plays those which to it are offered by me. And still it is very soft. It has cool antistress ears which can be touched infinitely. And a muzzle at it very nice.
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From observations of the owner: with the advent of a dog, really, new life begins. Coming back home, you precisely know that will be madly glad to you even if left for a minute. You come from work, and you are met — with the squeal, peep wagging a tail. And this happiness! Even that outrage which sometimes is created the pet are blocked by his love to you. I ask every day at Ainu: "Well, and that we did today?". Then with some sports passion I go on the apartment and I look for the turned, sgryzenny, broken off things.
at us occur Every day ridiculous stories. The funny case left with wall-paper. I come home, and the dog meets me with a piece of wall-paper in teeth. And having only completely torn off it from a wall, happy, wagging a tail, ran out to meet me. And somehow at Ainu there was a fight with a pillow. Directly on my eyes it pulled out from it sintepon, threw it up. To it it was very cheerful!
A at us lives a cat, old, it 16 years. She does not want to be on friendly terms with Ayna, and they live separately. Rushing into the room to a cat, the dog in revenge surely eats all her food.

What future owner of a beagle should know?

is Very frequent on the Internet, on various social networks announcements such catch sight: "I will give a dog, a beagle, to good hands". From the reasons the allergy is most often specified. Frankly speaking, I doubt that put in it. It is rather that the dog is difficult in education . Becoming the owner of a beagle, it is necessary to understand that it is a hunting dog. And in it its main difference. This is the dog thinking. She, as a rule, makes decisions. A task of the owner — it is correct to explain to it as when it is impossible to do.
in respect of training also should be understood: a beagle – not a sheep-dog at whom to be in blood near the owner, to look at it and to devour every word. To train a beagle not easy. This is a dog hunter, the owner her does not direct. She decides where to her to move and overpersuade her in something very difficult.
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But it does not mean that the beagle does not give in to education at all. Time, patience and great love is required. And the most important, becoming the owner of a beagle, it is necessary to realize is a heavy responsibility. Somehow the familiar manufacturer asked me whether I am going to be engaged in cultivation of puppies. For me this difficult question. At the moment is not present more likely. I do not want to worry into what hands puppies how many owners will be changed will fall … At the same acquaintance this process is adjusted — he purposefully sells puppies to hunters in Russia, Europe, America – to those people who precisely know how to bring up dogs, to look after them.
the Ideal dog for the person who conducts healthy and active lifestyle

I love sport. I am engaged in run long ago, it is a lot of and often. Initially wanted that Ainu became my partner in this hobby. But, as I already spoke, beagles are dogs hunters. They smell everything and always. And we had with it the one and only joint jog – in the winter in the forest. Somehow ran together 2 km. Other two I dragged it on a lead — the Ainu everything should be smelled, and I wanted to run after all.

But nevertheless every day we make long foot walks. Hour-one and a half, as a rule. In the morning we surely walk from 45 minutes to an hour, in the evening walk can continue and till two o'clock.

From observations of the owner: beagles are comfortable dogs in respect of society. With pleasure play with other dogs, love children. They are not so aggressive. Will grin only if feel danger. And minus is that it is a dog a hound. And all those runners and cyclists who meet to us during walk are followed by Ayna. For it it is a game. And I disaccustom her to it. People not always adequately perceive a game of a beagle. Once, walking in the forest, the Ainu so was fond of a pursuit of the cyclist that for a long time forgot about the owner left somewhere behind.

But anyway, I very much love the Ainu. I consider that a beagle – one of the most extraordinary and interesting breeds. The dog requires a lot of attention, cares. But for all efforts with interest rewards the owner the devotion and attachment.

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