• Dec 13, 2019
Feeding of a beauceron — a question responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house.

the Power supply system of dogs differs from human therefore to feed a beauceron with waste from a table — not the best choice.

in general, feeding of a beauceron submits to to the general rules of feeding of dogs , however there are features.

you can choose
for feeding of a beauceron naturalku or a dry feed , but it is not recommended to mix them.

Natural feeding of a beauceron

If you choose by
natural feeding of a beauceron, it is necessary to calculate diet volume correctly. For this purpose it is possible to use the following formula:

Weight of a beauceron
Calculation of a diet of a beauceron
the Daily volume of food for a beauceron
of 30 kg
of 2 — 3% of the weight of a dog
600 — 900 гр
of 45 kg
900 — 1350 гр
Meat (rigid beef — not cutting, a turkey or chicken) is given daily, better crude. It is not recommended to give forcemeat. As well as to cut meat on small pieces.

2 — 3 times a week are given an offal (lungs, kidneys, a trachea, heart or a hem) which — are not cleaned, crude or scalded by boiled water. They are given instead of meat, but the quantity of an offal have to be 1.5 — 2 times more, than meat.

can give fish once a week (sea!) (it is possible — crude, having removed the head, scales and fins). Fish for puppies is scrolled via the meat grinder. It is given instead of meat, on volume — is twice more.

Vegetables are given crude, cut or wiped. It is possible to add a little fat to grated carrots.

Give to a beauceron eggs. To puppies up to 3 months — 1 piece a day. After 3 months — 1 piece 2 times a week. However consider that crude egg white can cause an allergy.

do not overfeed with
a beauceron — obesity leads to violation of work of kidneys, heart and other bodies and systems.

Also do not forget that there are forbidden products for dogs .

If all of you do correctly, the beauceron will perfectly look and to feel remarkably.

 a beauceron normal standard of a photo On a photo: a beauceron in normal standard "

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