• Dec 13, 2019
Health of a beauceron , as a rule, does not cause concerns to owners. In general it is quite hardy and healthy dogs. Certainly, on condition of the correct feeding and leaving. However there are diseases to which all shepherd's dogs are vulnerable. Therefore do not neglect preventive vetosmotra to do not pass the first signs of possible problems.
 health of a beauceron of a photo On a photo: French sheep-dog beauceron
Most often meet at beaucerons the following diseases:
1. Заворот guts — the state demanding urgent operation and fraught with a lethal outcome. Do not overfeed a beauceron and you do not feed him before walk or work.
2. An eye retina atrophy which can terminate in a blindness.
3. Dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint. The disease at young dogs is shown (up to 2 years). The dog becomes sluggish, refuses to run, prefers to lie. This disease of a beauceron can pour out in severe lameness and even immovability. The dysplasia is difficult treated, however if the diagnosis is made in time, it is possible to achieve certain success and to facilitate to a dog life.
Ask results of tests of parents for genetic diseases for the manufacturer.

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