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of Exact data about stories of breed a beauceron >. At the beginning of the 18th century huge sheep flocks wandered about meadows of France. Shepherds could not cope with them without the aid of dogs. And couple of sheep-dogs easily coped with 200 — 300 sheep, overcoming sometimes for day of distance in 70 km. Also there is an opinion that these dogs were used for hunting for a large animal.
Exist two versions of origin and the history of breed a beauceron. It agrees the first, the ancient, died-out nowadays peat dogs were their ancestors. It agrees the second, beaucerons are lineal descendants of wolves to whom they are similar not only externally, but also at the cellular level.
is Precisely known only one: these dogs were brought in France, and intervention of the person in development of breed was minimum. Hard work and natural selection made beaucerons independent, strong and hardy.
the French sheep-dogs were for the first time presented by
of 1863 at an exhibition.
After them called beaucerons, but at that time they were called as Bas Rouge ("Red socks") — possibly, for the fact that their forepaws decorated red burn marks. These dogs were considered exclusively working, and at an exhibition they did not create a furor.
For the first time the name "beauceron" was used by the veterinarian and the zoologist Jean-Pierre Mengin.
the First standard was created in 1896. Long-haired shepherd's dogs were called briards, and sleek-haired — beaucerons, in honor of the French region he Is barefoot.
In 1911 was created club of fans of the French sleek-haired sheep-dogs. Promoting of breed and its development – with maintaining working qualities was a task of club.
Gradually decreasing quantity of sheep caused reduction of number of beaucerons so in the history of breed a beauceron hard times came. But manufacturers did not become puzzled and began to advertize these dogs as sentry and security. And when World War II began, beaucerons had to master also a profession of military: they looked for mines, caught saboteurs and delivered reports.
 the Beauceron marble a photo
On a photo: beauceron of a marble color
After the end of war popularity of breed in the homeland grew. Dogs were also settled in Holland, Germany, Belgium and other European countries. And here they did not manage to win the American continent yet — the breed was recognized there only in 2007
In 2001 was taken the last editing in the standard — all the sixth for all history of breed.
still use Today beaucerons as shepherds, however much more often they act as security guards, partners and also military and police dogs.

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