• Dec 13, 2019
Care of a beauceron is not too difficult.
needs to comb out them a minimum of times a week (in the period of a molt — more often) a massage brush for short-haired dogs and to bathe as required (enough 1 — 2 once a year).
can Often be read that distinctive feature of these dogs – a sheep smell of wool of which it is impossible to get rid. And began to smell very strong, especially when a dog wet. However many owners claim that it is the myth, and the beauceron smells not stronger, than any other dog with the same type of wool.
the Beauceron best of all feels in the private house with the big yard. If you imprudently decided to bring him in the apartment, on walks it is necessary to sweat.

Care of a beauceron includes the correct walking. The French sheep-dog has absolutely not enough half an hour on a lead in the next square. Therefore walks have to be long and active, with games and jogs. Hobby of these dogs

is cross-country run. It is possible to play sports.

Is important also hygienic care of a beauceron. Periodically examine ears, eyes of a dog. If necessary cut off claws the special nail clipper.

If you from the first day devote
to the pet much time and forces, it is correct to feed him and to look after, bring up and train, then will get extraordinary loyal friend and the defender.
 a marble beauceron of a photo On a photo: beauceron

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