• Dec 13, 2019
Education and training of a beauceron can do only to the self-assured, knowing person. If you treat the pet consistently, quietly, but at the same time is exacting, he will quickly master all knowledge. Especially as these dogs are full of desire to please the favourite owner.

However consider
that a beauceron by nature the leader also always seeks to become the leader of pack. And injustice and cruelty is not stood, manifestations of roughness in relation to these dogs are simply dangerous. Especially from strangers. Therefore, first, carefully choose the instructor, and secondly, do not entrust him education and training of a beauceron. The instructor, first of all, has to work with you, and then — with you and a dog.

Remember that the beauceron is a not kowtowing slave, and the friend and the partner. You treat it respectively.

Pay attention to socialization of a beauceron as he is by nature very mistrustful to strangers and can show aggression in relation to tribespeople.

the French sheep-dog ripens late, the character is built up up to 3 years, and all this time with a dog it is necessary to be engaged constantly.
 training and education of a beauceron
Education and training of a beauceron begins in the first day of its emergence in your house. And your first task — to establish confidential relationship with a canine friend.

that a beauceron — a working dog who cannot do nothing. If not to give to the French sheep-dog the chance to train, both physically, and it is intellectual, he will become inadequate and absolutely uncontrollable.

the Beauceron is tireless and brave, ready to work day and night. However do not overload a dog with monotonous repetitions, otherwise she will lose interest both in occupations, and in you.

the Puppy of a beauceron studies only in a game. As a motivator is suitable for an adult dog both a game, and delicacies.

the Main teams which each beauceron respecting himself has to know: "To me" "to Sit", "Lie", "Nearby", "Faugh", It "is impossible". It is guarantee of safety of a dog and tranquility of people around (including the owner). Rules of training of dogs in the main teams you will find in our article .

the Beauceron can master a course of protective guard duty with ease or to become the athlete (they are especially good in dog agility).

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