• Dec 27, 2019
the Beauceron, or the French sleek-haired sheep-dog — a large, strong dog, the native from the French foothills.
is a shepherd and the watchman, extraordinary clever and true. On appearance and a color reminds a Dobermann terrier, but with hair of a sheep-dog.
Among advantages of a beauceron is registered fearlessness and endurance. However consider that these dogs are mistrustful to strangers and if to anger them, can be quite furious. Besides it is the working dog needing serious physical activities so the representative of breed is suitable for the room contents a little.
the Beauceron demands valid, but firm approach in education and training. This breed will not suit the diffident person.
outside the historical homeland they meet infrequently, however in France are quite popular not only as shepherds, but also as partners, watchmen and bodyguards.
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin France
of Use of breed Shepherd's, sentry
Life expectancy of 10 — 12 years
Growth in withers of 61 — 70 cm
Weight of 30 — 45 kg
Special attention Joints
Physical activity Intensive

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