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the Bedlington terrier – the breed of dog having very unusual appearance. These lovely doggies look as a graceful lamb. Despite pretty appearance, the animal of this breed has rigid character. Bedlingtona are fearless, dexterous, brave and strong, and thanks to the unusual appearance enjoy popularity at manufacturers and often become participants of prestigious exhibitions.

Bedlington terrier: the description of breed, the recommendation about contents
the Bedlington terrier – the breed of dog possessing very unusual внешностью

История origins

the First mentions of Bedlington terriers appeared at the end of the 18th century. dogs of this view from the English county which is located on border with Scotland Occurred. Originally the breed received the name in honor of the small town of Rotbury. The doggie externally similar to a sheep was called by a rotbury-terrier.

In Great Britain catching of small rodents and the help to people in hunting for a small game like rabbits, foxes and otters was the main task of little dogs. Rothbury terrier had dexterity, ingenuity and could gather high speed, without conceding to hounds at all.

Later the rotbury-terrier began to extend in the small miner's town of Bedlington. In the twenties the 19th centuries the breed of dog of Rothbury was renamed and began to carry the name of a Bedlington terrier.

After a while animals began to be used not only for hunting behind a small game, but also as combative dogs. As in those days in England dog fights gained popularity, in bedlingtona actively developed such qualities as aggression and bloodthirstiness, and purposefully set on foxes to amuse public.

Only to the middle of the 19th century representatives of this breed were noticed by experienced dog breeders and manufacturers were accepted to its development. Eradication from the nature of bedlington of aggression and improvement of their working qualities was the main task of experts.

Bedlington terrier: the description of breed, the recommendation about contents are fearless, dexterous, brave and strong
of Bedlingtona

In the sixties was the 19th centuries the official standard of Bedlington terriers is developed, and a little also the first English club of fans of this breed appeared later. The dog became the frequenter of exhibitions and professional competitions. Over time its popularity increased and bedlington began to perceive only as a decorative exhibition doggie owing to what it lost the working skills. Manufacturers who wanted to see the full-fledged representative of a terrier decided to divide bedlington into 2 groups: working and exhibition dogs.

In the United States the first representatives of this breed appeared in the 19th century. They were delivered by officers from Britain and only several decades later became official members of the American Club of dog breeders.

Today bedlingtona are considered as quite demanded, but nevertheless are not among popular breeds of dog.

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the Dog of this breed has unique working skills. Despite the small size and quite pretty appearance, dogs are capable to give odds to many representatives of hunting breeds. Bedlingtona dexterously hunt not only for small rodents, but also for more big game. Their graceful body is perfectly adapted for prosecution of a game.

In growth the Bedlington terrier can reach 40 cm, and in weight – about 8-10 kg. The head of a distinguished trapezoid form, a muzzle extended is also covered with peculiar "hat" from a curly hair. Lips densely adjoin to a jaw, the nose lobe big and is painted in the same color, as wool. Jaws powerful and quick, teeth equal, eyes of the small size, are deeply put, have triangular shape. Color of eyes various also depends on a wool color. Ears at bedlington are put low, have the average size and hang down along cheekbones. They are covered with a hair which manufacturers prefer to cut in the form of brushes.

The trunk extended and brawny, the thorax is well developed, a back a little narrow, and the belt tightened. The tail at representatives of breed in the form of a switch is also covered with a small amount of wool at the basis. Extremities are long, direct, paws of the small size.

As for a color of a Bedlington terrier, it is quite various. Standard coloring it is considered to be blue, silvery with subdead, hepatic, liverny with subdead, silver-black and sand.

Bedlington terrier: description of breed, recommendation about contents

Character of a dog

The dog of this breed has strict and self-confident character. Bedlingtona demand the correct education and respect from the owner. Certainly, the exhibition group of dogs lost aggression peculiar to breed and irritability, nevertheless dogs managed to keep stubborn and persistent character. The difficult temper of an animal in combination with boldness and commitment can bring a lot of trouble upon owners. At untimely education of an adult Bedlington terrier it is almost impossible to force to execute commands and to listen to instructions of the owner.

At timely socialization of similar problems it is possible to avoid. The well-mannered dog will become for the owner the excellent partner and the faithful companion for all members of household. Bedlingtona – playful, friendly and cheerful dogs. Not bad get on with other dogs in the house, but with other small pets of the relation at it do not develop. Hamsters and guinea pigs awake with at a terrier a hunting instinct, and the dog sees in them a game. he still can get on With a cat, but only provided that they appeared in the house at the same time, approximately at identical age.

Bedlington terrier: description of breed, recommendation about contents

Representatives of this breed are very vigorous and freedom-loving pets. Dogs adore long walks in the fresh air, travel and campaigns to the wood. On glades and in forests of a Bedlington terrier it is necessary to control carefully as he spills out an instinct of the hunter and the dog can far escape from the owner.

Dogs of this breed are quite witty, bright and curious. Bedlington terriers in the best way suit the people leading active lifestyle. Elderly and to homebodies this breed is not necessary by the way.

Animals of this look very quickly become attached to the owner , but demand strict and a little rigid education. The person has to show from early age to a dog that it cannot dominate over it. One of the main features peculiar practically to all hunting dogs, is the tendency to constantly dig the earth. At bedlington it is developed very strongly. Having left a pet in a garden unguarded even for short term, after a while it is possible to find the rummaged soil. In this way the dog behaves also in the apartment, scratching a parquet and a carpet.

Bedlington terrier: description of breed, recommendation about contents

of the Recommendation about maintenance and leaving

The unusual curly hair of terriers needs the correct leaving which consists first of all in a hairstyle. It is necessary to carry out it at least 1 time in half a year. The trunk and the pet's head at the same time are cut off quite shortly, and here on extremities leave wool in the form of peculiar "panties". On the head of a bedlington also form unusual graceful "hat". If to do a hairstyle to a dog regularly, then in daily comb-out there is no need. Will enough process wool few times in a week.

the Bedlington terrier also does not need frequent water procedures . The pet needs to be bathed, only if he was strongly soiled on walk or before participation in an exhibition.

As for contents, dogs of this breed are quite universal and perfectly get on both in the small-sized apartment, and in the spacious house. When keeping a dog in the country it is impossible to leave her in the dwelling in winter season on the street as representatives of this breed are not steady against frosts.

In spite of the fact that dogs are rather active, they do not need regular physical activities. But at the same time long walks are necessary for them.

Bedlington terrier: description of breed, recommendation about contents

As representatives of this breed have tendency to developing of ophthalmologic diseases, their eyes need regular leaving. They need to be processed every day by means of the wadded disk which is previously moistened with clear water.

As for the pet's diet, he has to consist only of natural food. As at bedlington the weak liver, production dry feeds are contraindicated to them. The owner has to try that food of the pet consisted of the products enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Bedlington terriers often have urological diseases, and sometimes to the owner hard happens to define at first sight, the dog is healthy or is sick. Therefore it is necessary to carry a pet on routine inspections to the veterinarian to avoid problems with health.

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Education and training

Process of education of a Bedlington terrier will bring upon the owner a lot of trouble. In spite of the fact that dogs are quite clever, because of the obstinacy and love of freedom they can refuse to listen to the owner and to execute his commands. During trainings of people it has to be persistent and strict. It is impossible to apply in relation to the pet manhandling at all as the aggressive behavior from the owner will immediately cause response and the dog can snap.

Puppies of a Bedlington terrier very tender and active, and it is the best of all to begin to bring up them at early age. You should not indulge whims and to indulge the little pet, but also roughly it is impossible to treat him too. Process of training will become much simpler and more interesting to a canine friend if to encourage it with various delicacies.

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