• Dec 11, 2019

Features of character of the Bern sennenhund

Best of all character of the Bern sennenhund would characterize an epithet "devoted". This dog sees meaning of life in service to the owner and his family.
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the Bern sennenhund is friendly on character and thanks to it easily adapts practically in any situation. They perfectly get on with other animals and children. But, of course, nobody cancelled early socialization.

the Bern sennenhund is in great need in attention and if you spend a lot of time outdoors, and the dog misses alone, it is better to choose less pretentious breed in this sense. The Bern sennenhund needs to spend the most part of time with the owner.

the Bern sennenhund – the diligent pupil, however rough energy can show only extremely short time. And here will have a rest in your company with pleasure. For ordinary average family it more likely advantage, but if you count on sports feats or long cyclings in the company of a canine friend, this quality can become the reason of many disappointments. Endurance – not the fad of the Bern sennenhund.
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the Bern sennenhund – a pleasant dog in communication, and is very difficult not to fall in love with him. He is sociable and friendly.

Other animals most often cause polite interest in the Bern sennenhund and if not to provoke it too frankly, the first does not attack. Though in the absence of early socialization or the wrong education it is quite capable to show aggression.
the Bern sennenhund concerns strangers watchfully, but is not aggressive. If on the territory entrusted to it the stranger wants to get, the dog will warn the owner in the beginning, having begun a bark, and only after prevention will enter the conflict with the stranger.
But in vain the Bern sennenhunds are not inclined to bark.
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Character of the Bern sennenhund in relation to children

of the Bern sennenhund often choose as the pet of family with children. Really, in the majority the Bern sennenhund perfectly gets on with children and treats them tenderly and gently. However it is fair only on condition that you will spend a lot of time and forces on education and training of a dog. And do not leave the small child alone with a dog at all!
that the Bern sennenhund – a sheep-dog, that is the shepherd, and can quite decide that his duty – to establish a framework permitted for your children. Besides, owing to rather big dimensions, the Bern sennenhund can push absolutely accidentally the child, and the puppy – to bite in a game.
it is important to
to explain to children of the rule of communication with a dog and to teach them to understand the pet's language. Do not allow the child to disturb a canine friend at meal time or a dream at all.
the Bern sennenhunds are tired of vanity and loud sounds. Therefore an opportunity to retire freely to the quiet place is important for them, otherwise the dog will feel irritation which will not lead to anything good.
If to follow the basic rules and to create to a dog comfortable conditions, the Bern sennenhund is quite capable to become for your child the loyal friend and the reliable defender.

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