• Dec 26, 2019
Bern Sennenhund of a Photo
the Bern sennenhund – quite large charming dog, however sometimes she is timid and shy.
the Bern sennenhund will have enough
love for all family, but they consider the owner someone one. Dogs of this breed willingly play with children and even roll them in the cart. They kindly concern other animals.
it is easy for
of the Bersky sennenhund to train. Representatives of breed "work" not only as partners, but also search dogs and also conductors of blind people.
Health of the Bern sennenhund requires special attention. They tend to obesity and, unfortunately, quite often have oncological diseases.
Among admirers of the Bern zennenkhud: Sara Michele Gellar, Andrey Makarevich, Dmitry Dibrov, Sergey Minayev, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Alyona Apina.
Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin Switzerland
of Use of breed Watchman, shepherd, partner
Life expectancy of 8 — 10 years
Growth in withers of 58 — 70 cm
Weight of 40 — 44 kg
Special attention Tendency to obesity
Physical activity Moderate

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