• Jan 24, 2020

Features of character of the Bordeaux mastiff

About character of the Bordeaux mastiff legends compose. It agrees one of them, to the ancient French castle the thief made the way. Loaded with master's good, it almost reached an exit when came across the sleeping Bordeaux mastiff. Without having noticed a dog, stumbled about her, fell and broke to himself a neck. The dog at the same time did not even wake up.

Certainly, it is a slander and slander. However, there is in the history also a sensible grain: representatives of breed on character are the balanced dogs who are philosophically belonging to vanity around. They are quiet, sure of themselves, are full of advantage and some nobility. The Bordeaux mastiff is patient and brought up, always thinks before working. Also it is capable to surprise you with difficult logical calculations and associative communications.

In a usual situation they are wise and intelligent though they have quite frightening appearance.

Small quarrels of the Bordeaux mastiff do not attract

, and he will not begin to give a vote on trifles. But protects the territory entrusted to it vigilantly, sometimes – it is even violent.

Despite sluggishness peculiar to character of the Bordeaux mastiff and external slowness, at a short distance this dog is capable to gather high speed and to jump through a high obstacle.

Representatives of breed are madly betrayed to the owner and all his family. Under a terrible appearance the ocean of tenderness which the dog pours out on those whom loves disappears. And in case of danger without hesitation will give life, protecting members of the pack. This is the great bodyguard – in case of the correct education.

the Pet will follow you close. The feeling is created that you got one more shadow. The dog will try to take part in all affairs. The loneliness transfers badly, isolation can dement the Bordeaux mastiff.

In education of this giant your main task – to win his love and respect. Then you will be able to rely on the pet in any, even to the most extreme, a situation.

also. The Bordeaux mastiffs will not allow other dog to be lifted up with themselves and will immediately rush to the attack. However, your friend, most likely, will just ignore the small bag of wind. And will treat any animals living in his family with the patience of job – certainly if you correctly cultivate it.

A huge mistake – to teach a dog to bite and encourage manifestations of malignancy. It categorically cannot be done for safety reasons. Otherwise you can receive the uncontrollable pet, at any moment of capable to rush on other dog or even on the person. Considering the settlement of the Bordeaux mastiff, you will not be able to stop it. And subsequently you will strongly regret about the rashness.

physical activities and quite long walks are necessary for Representatives of breed. The hypodynamia is fraught with obesity, a metabolic disorder and early aging.

Character of the Bordeaux mastiff in relation to children

The Bordeaux mastiff can become the magnificent partner both for the adult, and for the child.

This giant shows the patience of job even in relation to preschool children. It takes down everything: stings, pinches, pushes, allows to climb on itself astride. If he is exasperated absolutely, can scream, replace situation or be removed.

But all this is fair only for well well-mannered and trained pet. The ill-bred dog behaves is unpredictable.

Anyway, you rumple that representatives of breed owing to the dimensions can accidentally hook or push the kid, bring down him from legs.

Teach the child to rules of interaction with a dog. It is impossible to disturb a canine friend during sleep or food. It is inadmissible to pursue if he wants to leave.

the Small child and a dog cannot be left unguarded.

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