• Dec 11, 2019
the Question of feeding of a Border Collie , is very important and before bringing a puppy home, think over the answer to it. Ask the manufacturer on a diet of kids and at first adhere to the same scheme. All changes are entered gradually.
On a photo: Choose a Border Collie by
that is closer to you: natural food or dry feed. It is not recommended to mix them extremely.

Naturalka has a number of advantages, but demands time for preparation, and not each owner is capable to make full-fledged and correctly balanced diet.

Dry feeds are initially balanced and eliminate risk of avitaminosis, however it concerns only qualitative forages a premium and a superpremium class. The stern with the high content of fats and protein for active dogs with high loadings is better to choose.

From natural products will be suitable for feeding of a Border Collie:
  • low-fat meat,
  • offal,
  • boiled fish (from whom all bones are removed previously),
  • fermented milk products,
  • eggs,
  • vegetables (vegetable marrows, carrots, pumpkin, turnip) and fruit (sweet cherry, pears, apples).
of the Border Collie — unpretentious dogs in food, but very vigorous therefore take care that their diet corresponded to the high level of activity.

and should feed up in the Spring the pet vitamins in the fall, however before consult with the veterinarian.
Remember that there are products, forbidden for dogs .

the Border Collie Puppy at the age of 2 — 3 months eats
4 — 5 times a day. The adult dog is fed by 2 — 3 times a day. The amount of food depends on the level of activity, age and a Border Collie constitution.

you Watch that the dog did not overeat. Obesity badly affects the state of health. If you look down on the pet, the waist has to be visible.

Clear fresh water has to be always available — in a separate bowl.

the Bowl for food washes after each feeding of a Border Collie.

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