• Dec 11, 2019
The history of breed of a Border Collie contains several centuries. The first Border Collies appeared in Great Britain, on border of England and Scotland. The Polish low-lying sheep-dogs and olenegonny dogs delivered by Vikings to Scotland were their primogenitors. The word "border" is translated from English as "border" that confirms boundary origin of breed.
On a photo: Border Collie
These dexterous and talented shepherd's dogs were known in the 16th century. In documents of that time their specific run, a special look and briefness is emphasized.

of 1860 was marked by the second English exhibition of dogs. There also Border Collies were for the first time presented. After a while one of these shepherdesses was seen by the Queen Victoria — and fell in love with breed.
In 1876 Lloyd Price, the writer, showed abilities of a Border Collie in work with one hundred wild sheep. The audience was amazed, having seen as the dog skillfully collects herd, being guided only by whistle and signals of shepherds.
we can find
the description of the English-collie who had phenomenal intelligence, kind character and endurance In documents of 1881.
the Representative of breed Old Hemp became the winner of a competition of shepherd's dogs in 1884. To it only a year was at that time executed. Until the end of his career nobody could outdo this outstanding shepherd. This dog is considered the ancestor of modern Border Collies.
Today these charming herdboys are extended by
around the world.
. And not only sheep.

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