• Dec 13, 2019

The history of breed Boston terrier goes to the 19th century when in Boston (State of Massachusetts) Robert Hupper got the bul-and-terrier who covered a neighbour's dog. Puppies – a fruit of this love – also became primogenitors of breed Boston terrier. As all puppies had roundish heads, initially these dogs christened "round-headed Boulia".

The breed Boston terrier developed quickly. In 1878 these dogs participated in exhibitions (as bull terriers), after them allocated in separate category of bull terriers with the round head. First dogs were called "the American bull terriers" and only then renamed into "Boston terrier". The first pedigree club was created only in 1881, and as independent the breed Boston terrier was recognized in 1893

Selectors worked on breed: Boston terriers was crossed to Old English terriers, the English and French bulldogs (who at that time differed from modern representatives of these breeds), boxers, bull terriers and pit bull terriers. This mixture of blood gave Boston terriers the bigger elegance and created a unique set of characteristics.

In the 20th years of the 20th century these dogs appeared at the peak of popularity, having won hearts of wealthy ladies, christened Boston terriers "gentlemen from Boston". And in the thirties Boston terriers was made by about a third of participants of all exhibitions in the USA.

Boston terriers became the first officially recognized breed of the USA, and Americans are proud of these dogs. Still in America Boston terriers strongly take the place in the list of 25 most popular breeds. But in Europe Boston terriers was not widely adopted.

Modern dogs of breed Boston terrier differ in elegance, intelligence and are excellent partners.

 Boston terrier on a white background of a photo

On a photo: Boston terrier. Photo: akc.org

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