• Mar 25, 2020

How often to train a dog? Whether it is possible to take a break in training dog (to give her some kind of holiday)? And what in this case the dog will remember? Such questions often torment owners, especially inexperienced.

Belgian Sheep-dog of a Malinu Training of a Photo
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Researchers studied abilities dogs to learning also came to a curious conclusion. If you count to create reliable skill for a long time, occupations of 5 times a week (that is with in the days off for a dog) is more effective than daily. The dog is mistaken in the first case more rare and it is capable to remember skill through longer time.

Besides, there is such thing as retraining when the dog so often and long repeats same that at all loses motivation. And the aspiration to make as soon as possible better a time brings to opposite result – the four-footed pupil ceases to carry out at all team! Or carries out "carelessly", very reluctantly and "dirty". But if from time to time to provide to a dog a break for 3 – 4 days, she will work more accurately and hazardously.

That is in training of dogs it is more – not always it is equal better. However, if you are engaged with a dog once a week or more rare, it will not result in considerable success. Such breaks nevertheless too long dogs in training.

If you do in training dogs a long break (month and more), the skill can die away at all. But not surely.

What will be remembered by a dog (and whether will remember), depends as on her specific features (including from temperament ), and from training methods which you use. For example, the dog who mastered skill during the occupations shaping , will remember it better, than the dog trained with the help targeting . And the dog trained by means of targeting remembers studied better, than a dog to whom the mechanical method of training was applied.

It is more how effectively to bring up and train dogs by humane methods, you learn, having used our videocourses.

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