• Dec 3, 2019
Origin of the American bulldogs can see since the Middle Ages. The first bulldogs became known in the 16th century when they began to be bred for battles with bulls. Later America fell in love with these brave and strong dogs and kept practically in original state.

 the American bulldog the American bulldog remained practically in original state

In 1835 forbade fights, and the breed began to disappear. And only thanks to efforts of a handful of enthusiasts it managed to be revived.

About the American bulldogs as about separate breed was learned in the 19th century.
They are relatives of the English bulldogs in their initial look. There is an opinion that blood of a bulldog "diluted" with blood of a bullmastiff and pit bull terrier. However, trends of cultivation changed quite often.
of These dogs called "rural bulldogs", "Old English white", "white British", "the English blondes", "the southern bulldogs" so far, at last, at the end of the 20th century did not come to the modern name.
American bulldogs got To our Penates in the nineties the 20th centuries. And quickly became quite popular.

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