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with the very unusual appearance. In spite of the fact that these dogs are considered as workers, most often use them as room and decorative.

Breed of a Dog Kerry Blue Terrier
Breed of dog the Kerry Blue Terrier of many manufacturers attracts with the very unusual appearance

the History of origin of breed

The homeland of this breed of dog is the Irish county of Kerry. For the unusual color of wool having a light silvery shade, the animal was given at first the name "blue terrier". The main task of such dogs was destruction of small rodents in fields. Besides rats and mice, the Kerry Blue Terrier perfectly hunted birds and other game of the small size, and not only on the land, but also in water.

Rather long time representatives of this breed were not widespread and only last century appeared in the territory of Europe where from working dogs turned into decorative. Nevertheless they are known not less than 150 years. In the homeland in Ireland the first representative of this breed was shown at the beginning of the 20th century, and in several years Kerry Blue Terriers were appreciated by professional manufacturers and were widely adopted. Initially dogs did not put in order even before participation in prestigious exhibitions, and on them they appeared in very unattractive look – unbarbered and not brushed. In the twenties last century the breed of dog a Kerry Blue Terrier was officially registered.

Eventually the breed continued to be developed, and began to look after her representatives carefully. A Kerry Blue Terrier whose hairstyle at first made dogs similar to the English terriers soon became a constant at exhibitions.

Breed of a Dog Kerry Blue Terrier
Breed of dog the Kerry Blue Terrier of many manufacturers attracts with the very unusual appearance

Character and habits

Carrey is a dog very good-natured and tender. Dogs of this breed cheerful, sociable, vigorous also adore spending time with the favourite owner. The pet transfers loneliness hard therefore the dog of this breed will not suit busy persons. In a spacious country house, and especially in the open-air cage, representatives of this breed will also hardly get accustomed. Puppies of a Kerry Blue Terrier, as well as adult individuals, wish to become full members of family and want to be constantly near the owner and other members of household.

Despite cheerfulness and friendliness, the dog a Kerry Blue Terrier is rather pride and whimsical. The dog does not suffer the rough attitude towards himself, manhandling, shouts and reproaches from the owner. In order that the puppy of a Kerry Blue Terrier did not grow whimsical, early socialization is necessary for it.

Despite complaisance, goodwill and intelligence, the Kerry Blue Terrier very watchfully treats strangers. In case of threat to the owner or family members the dog selflessly will rush on the opponent. Lightning reaction, excellent intuition and inflexibility make a Kerry Blue Terrier the great bodyguard.

of Feature of breed Kerry Blue Terrier (video)

Leaving and maintenance

In spite of the fact that most of manufacturers prefer to use dogs as room and decorative, at dogs hunting instincts therefore you should not support them in one house together with little pets are strong.

As dogs of this breed are very active and inquisitive, it is impossible to lock them within four walls. They adore active games and long walks, require attention from the owner. On walk of a vigorous dog it is impossible to lower from a lead because it can escape and be lost.

Kerry Blue Terriers have high intelligence and improbable ingenuity. to Fence off it in a country house from the outside world it will not turn out as the inquisitive dog with ease will jump over a fence. If the fence is too high, then bright Kerry will make undermining and all the same will get out of an imprisonment. In order to avoid such incidents the owner should walk daily properly a dog and to lay the protective fortification.

The Kerry Blue Terrier always is in a country house on guards, protecting the nearby territory. Having heard a foreign sound or having seen the stranger, the dog right there will begin to bark heart-rendingly, reporting to the owner about estimated danger.

Breed of a Dog Kerry Blue Terrier

Some tricks of small children can seem to a proud dog offensive. If the kid encroaches on property of a dog and to take its toys, to pull an ear or paws, then Kerry can begin to roar on it. Of course, she will not bite the child, but can frighten. Therefore the pet's games with children in the house have to be played under supervision of the adult.

In spite of the fact that with the owner and members of household the dog is tender, to the pets living with her in one territory, it belongs very unfriendly. If in the house there lives other small doggie, she will begin to be jealous him of the owner and to try to drive away in every possible way. The dog of this breed will not get on with cats, rabbits and hamsters. Pets for it – only a game, and it is extremely difficult to make friends it with them.

Kerry Blue Terriers have very strong immunity and seldom are ill. At dogs of this breed rather high life expectancy. But in order that the dog lived long, it is necessary to look after a Kerry Blue Terrier carefully.

The main rule of leaving is competently made diet. Food of a pet has to be balanced. It is undesirable to feed a Kerry Blue Terrier with natural food. It is better to give preference to production sterns. If the owner nevertheless wants to accustom the pet to natural products, then it is necessary to remember that the Kerry Blue Terrier cannot be fed with boiled food, various soups, sweets, flour products, potatoes, cabbage, bread, fat products and smoked products. It is impossible to add salt to ready dishes of a dog.

It is necessary to feed a Kerry Blue Terrier strictly at the same time. The portion needs to be counted proceeding from the weight of a dog, her age and physical activity. Food has to be by all means room temperature.

Gallery: Kerry Blue Terrier (42 photos)

Special leaving is demanded by the pet's wool. It is necessary to comb out it by means of a soft hairbrush, in order to avoid traumatizing gentle skin of the pet. On extremities wool needs to be combed by means of a special hairbrush.

In a magnificent hair of a dog fleas and ticks are rather often got. It is desirable to take parasites hands not to damage integuments of a dog. To prevent appearance of insects, it is desirable for Kerry Blue Terrier to buy a special collar.

As for water procedures, it is impossible to bathe a Kerry Blue Terrier too often. It is strictly forbidden to use various shampoos and soap at the same time as they can wash away a protective layer from skin of a dog. Before bathing a pet, it is necessary to dissolve the detergent intended especially for dogs of this breed in clear water and to use it only in the divorced look.

the Pet of this breed needs to be cut periodically. Can entrust this difficult procedure to the professional groomer or to master the equipment independently. When holding a procedure in house conditions it is necessary to wash out previously wool of the pet and to dry up it. At the same time the small beard and a bang can be not wetted.

It is regularly also necessary to examine eyes and ears on existence of pollution. Puppies of a terrier need to clean eyes daily as in corners allocations often accumulate. Gluing of ears of dogs is made at 6-month age that they were correctly created.

Breed of a Dog Kerry Blue Terrier

Training and education

Training of representatives of this breed – very fascinating, but troublesome occupation. First of all the owner should not indulge too a dog and at the same time roughly and to treat it with disrespect. Kerry Blue Terriers do not allow to humiliate themselves. The pet does not need a rigid hand as they are very bright and capable to understand that the owner – without shout and manhandling demands from them.

Socialization has to be early. During education of a puppy of a Kerry Blue Terrier it is impossible to indulge and indulge too it to whims, otherwise with age it will become uncontrollable. It is not recommended to suppress a dog and to dominate over him too as he can grow up intimidated and mistrustful, having lost the leadership skills.

Dogs rather well acquire a basic course of training and with pleasure execute commands. It is better to entrust process to the owner as dogs of this breed strongly become attached only to one person. During training you should not suppress temperament of a capricious dog. Such relation from the favourite owner is necessary to a pet not on temper, and at it all desire to execute his commands will be gone. The long training will also quickly tire a dog therefore it is necessary to triple periodic breaks and to allow a terrier to run about. At command execution it is necessary to encourage a dog with favourite delicacies.

Grooming of a Kerry Blue Terrier (video)

Representatives of this breed are efficient and diligent. They are excellent partners and devoted companions to the owners, and at the same time quickly adapt to new conditions.

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