• Feb 28, 2018

Many fans of the American cinema for certain do not guess what breed of a dog from the movie "Mask". His four-footed workmate – an adult Jack Russell Terrier was one of the main characters of this comedy with participation of the Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. They organically looked in a shot, amusing grateful public the tricks. There is a wish to note that the famous comedian very often acts with various animals and looks with them very harmoniously (to remember at least the film epic the detective Ace Ventura).

One of the main characters of this comedy with participation of the Hollywood actor Jim Carrey his four-footed workmate was figure id="attachment_2879" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-2879"> – adult Jack Russell терьер

Собаке not to occupy actor's talent. Amusing tricks of the lovely pet from the movie "Mask" did not leave indifferent TV viewers from all corners of the globe. Sitting in front of screens of the TVs, people watched how the amusing dog from the movie came to the rescue of the somewhat eccentric owner.

of Feature of breed (video)

Why was chosen a Jack Russell Terrier

It is no wonder that the dog of this breed took part in shootings of the movie. It very clever and easily gives in to training. Therefore the film crew hardly had large problems with this four-footed actor. the Dog carried out all tricks perfectly well, than amused all audience much. that moment when Maylo from "Mask" (the nickname of a doggie was such) accidentally put on himself the found ancient mask of pagan god is Enough to remember at least. What amusing became a doggie, having received superabilities. It safely rushed to fight with the malefactors wishing to do much harm to his owner.

By the way, it was not the only role of a restless dog. He behind shoulders has 1 more film work. This lovely doggie also acted in the children's movie "Difficult Child" (the 2nd part).

Breed of a Dog from the Movie

Characteristic of breed

In the movie "Mask" the essence of breed Jack Russell is perfectly displayed. It is possible to remember how quickly four-footed actor helps to find keys to the unlucky owner. It indicates high intelligence of an animal. Or still to remember a scene when Maylo sought in a case, with lots of money. Such behavior – sign of a certain obstinacy and willfulness of the removed doggie.

Breed of a Dog from the Movie

From where dogs a Jack Russell Terrier undertook? This breed appeared several centuries ago. It was removed in Great Britain. The pastor John Russell made it, in his honor the breed received the name. Hunting for the foxes and other animals living in holes was its main objective. the Black nose of Jack Russell perfectly feels production, and the dog constantly follows in her tracks. the Dog of this color has the small sizes, but on endurance can compete even with the hugest dogs. A color of a terrier – white with black. Sometimes spots on a body of representatives of this breed are brown or red.

Despite the paramount purpose, the breed of dog Jack Russell became the reliable friend of the person. Many people decided to bring to themselves such restless pet. In it the important role was played by an exit to screens of the movie "Mask" which attracted keen interest in this breed.

Breed of a Dog from the Movie

After deafening triumph of the movie the audience began to find out how the color of a doggie is called. It should be noted that the real boom at that time began. Practically each admirer of the American cinema wanted to buy a canine friend of the same breed as a dog from "Mask". Demand was so big that dog breeders did not manage to satisfy it. Reached absurd situations. the Cost of fellows of a dog of Maylo was equated to the price for the good car.

People who bought such lovely dog did not regret about the made choice. What do the main advantages of acquisition of such pet consist in? First, it very mobile and vigorous. Walking a dog, the owner will need to move too constantly. And it will bring benefit to health of the owner. Secondly, animals do not demand special leaving. Moreover, they very clever also give in to training. Even the child can be engaged with a dog. But it is necessary to remember that the breed from the movie "Mask" differs in special cunning. If the pet for any reason does not want to execute commands, hardly the owner will be able to force him. Therefore it is necessary to find special approach to a doggie. And then it is possible to call the relations of the owner and the pet safely ideal.

How to train a Jack Russell Terrier (video)

Now it is known what breed of a dog was involved in the movie "Mask". This story was picturized already for a long time, but TV viewers do not forget a lovely doggie which was removed in one of leading roles.

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