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of Maremm an abruzzky sheep-dog – one of the most ancient breeds of dog which appeared in the territory of Italy. Snow-white dogs for several centuries, unlike many other pedigree dogs, almost did not undergo any external and behavioural changes. To this day the maremma kept the unsurpassed security and shepherd's skills.

Breed of a maremm abruzzky sheep-dog: the description, features
of Maremm an abruzzky sheep-dog – one of the most ancient breeds of dog which appeared in the territory of Italy

the History of origin

Representatives of this breed of dog for the first time appeared in territories of small Italian regions under the name Maremma and Abruzzo. Long time experts could not reach compromise and solve, where exactly snow-white sheep-dogs appeared earlier. As a result compromise nevertheless was reached: the new breed of dog received the name in honor of both regions.

Initially the breed of dog of a maremm was shepherd's and helped to protect the cattle from predators, robbers and thieves. In the modern world the dog did not lose the working qualities and she continues to be used as the reliable security guard, especially in settlements and small villages. In the United States a maremma are also quite often used as security guards on pastures.

The history of origin of a maremm of an abruzzky sheep-dog lasts since antiquity. Some experts assume that ancestors of a dog are Asian sheep-dogs who got on the European territory together with the nomadic people. Primogenitors of a maremm also consider dogoobrazny dogs.

The dog thanks to perfectly developed working qualities perfectly coped with the task set for her. The vigilant dog with lightning reaction always accurately reacted to the events and reliably preserved herd against various encroachments. In emergency situations the Italian sheep-dog right there attacked the opponent and forced to recede a predator. The dog made the attacking attacks until the predator finally does not recede.

Keeping of an abruzzky sheep-dog (video)

Character of dogs

Maremma the abruzzky sheep-dog does not differ in appeasable character. The owner she perceives as equal to herself the member of pack and does not recognize his leadership. As the maremma is intended only as the reliable security guard, it is allocated with the accompanying working qualities and abilities. For example, in the afternoon day of a maremm absolutely indifferently treats the strangers who are in the yard of the site, and at night the same guests can cause in it unpredictable reaction.

At the same time of a maremm the abruzzky sheep-dog has no aggression and not controllability as her intelligence is very well developed. Dogs never attack suddenly and without the reason seen on that. At appearance of the stranger they attentively watch his behavior and how the owner communicates with the guest. The suspicious personality who is not inspiring trust can cause the corresponding reaction in a maremma. At emergence in the house at once the dog watches several strangers everyone, trying to understand his character and intentions. The owner's companions with whom the dog is already familiar can even play with her as she treats them calmly and friendly. The dog treats people, new to it, very watchfully, and it is better for them not to try to stroke a dog. Thus, working skills of a dog remain even in private country houses therefore he under protection can quietly entrust any property.

The dog of this breed will suit also those families in which there are small children. Kids and their pranks dogs treat indulgently and allow to play with themselves.

Breed of a maremm abruzzky sheep-dog: the description, features
of Maremm an abruzzky sheep-dog does not differ in appeasable character

In economy the Italian sheep-dogs become the real assistants. They look after the house, a livestock and are always ready to execute any order of the owner. Dogs of this breed are very responsible and serious therefore the owner can be sure that the dog will cope with the work perfectly well. Even if the dog will ail or will be unwell, he will not throw the cattle entrusted to it and the territory without supervision.

Puppies of a maremma very tender and friendly and always with pleasure play with children – not only with family members, but also unfamiliar kids. At the same time acquaintance of the child to a sheep-dog initially has to take place under supervision of adults, and it is the best of all – the dog owner.

The dog will never allow to get to the malefactor on the territory, it will always rise in defense of the owner and members of household in emergency situation. Maremma is ready to struggle even with the opponent who is much stronger than her. At the same time to bring out of a condition of rest of a dog of this breed rather difficult, and without good reason it will never rush and the more so will not enter a fight. In rage of a maremm it is very dangerous and can tear to pieces the offender. In this state the owner can almost not even control it.

Breed of a maremm abruzzky sheep-dog: description, features

of the Rule of leaving

The country house and the spacious box in its yard will become the perfect place for keeping of a dog of this breed. In the small-sized apartment the dog will not get on, will become aggressive and embittered. Accommodation of a dog in the spacious house does not exclude long daily walks on open space. Active physical activities are necessary for a maremma only during growth. As soon as the dog will become an adult, will just walk him enough.

Hair of a dog has really unique building thanks to which it is capable to be cleaned independently. The snow-white dog always looks tidily, and her wool over the years does not grow dull. At the same time it is necessary to look after her nevertheless. It is the best of all to comb out a maremma a special rigid brush from metal because any other hairbrush will not be able to untangle rough hair of a dog.

Breed of a maremm abruzzky sheep-dog: description, features

If during walk the dog was caught in the rain, upon return home it is necessary to rub off carefully it a dry towel. Bathing can only do much harm to the four-footed favourite and wash away a protective layer from skin which will be restored rather long time. Therefore it is the best of all to replace water procedures with clarification of wool of the pet by means of dry shampoo or usual starch.

In hot season the owner needs to watch that the bowl of a dog was always filled with drinking water. The heat of a dog of this breed is hard transferred, and here in the winter with pleasure roll in snow.

As dogs of this breed rather large to starve them, giving small portions of food, it is impossible. The norm has to be not less than 2 standard diets. needs to Feed the pet few times in day , giving at the same time small having a snack in the evening. As for the forage, the maremm can feed with both natural food, and production sterns. At the same time it is necessary to remember that 2 views cannot be mixed as such food can provoke emergence of problems with digestion.

When choosing natural food it is not obligatory for owner to play a role of the sous-chef and to prepare for the pet refined dishes. Will enough include in a pet diet more products rich with calcium which the organism of a dog needs most of all. It is desirable to feed a dog with meat – boiled or fresh, crude. It is possible to feed up sometimes low-fat cheese.

Breed of a maremm abruzzky sheep-dog: description, features

If for feeding of the pet the owner chose production forages, then it is impossible to feed a dog only with drying. The damp or tinned forage has to make a third of a diet.

Puppies of a maremma of an abruzzky sheep-dog need to be fed not less than 6 times a day, gradually, in process of growing, transferring them to 2-times food. Various porridges, mixes with milk and complexes of vitamins B quality of fertilizing have to enter a diet of a little doggie. It is possible to feed a puppy and a production forage, but at the same time it is desirable to consult previously with the veterinarian who will help to develop an individual diet.

As for diseases, representatives do not have tendency to certain illnesses of this breed. Hereditary diseases also meet rather seldom. At the same time it is necessary to watch carefully a diet of the pet and to enrich it with useful minerals and minerals, and, above all – calcium which is extremely important for an organism of representatives of this breed. It is possible to feed a dog with the products rich with calcium, or to give it in the form of powder separately.

Breed of a maremm abruzzky sheep-dog: description, features

of Feature of education and training

As representatives of this breed do not differ in complaisance, when training the owner needs to show severity and persistence. Maremma – rather stubborn dogs can also refuse command execution at all.

Character at dogs of this breed very balanced and quiet, but some irresponsible owners try to bring up from a pet of a blood-thirsty animal. Such experiments with a dog in the future can end very tragically as for people around, and the owner.

Nevertheless need training of a dog. The dogs having high intelligence begin to miss the training trainings and cease to develop. The lack of the correct training can negatively affect both intellectual development of a dog, and its character. Process of training is rather easy, but only at the correct approach. Over time dogs will learn even complex special teams, but at their performance of a dog it is necessary to encourage with favourite delicacy surely.

of Breed of dog suitable for protection (video)

The clever and inquisitive dog can study with ease and repeat it one team during several trainings there is no need. New information of a maremm grabs almost instantly and after two-three of repetitions will master the command. The basic course of training for a maremm of an abruzzky sheep-dog is easy warm-up at all. And here studying of sophisticated complex teams for a dog of this breed – continuous pleasure.

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