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Many consider that the dwarfish rate is small, long and very amusing doggie, with short pads and long ears. But very few people know that, having a tiny appearance and small weight, a dwarfish rate – extremely skillful and furious hunter. It is really difficult to believe in it, but the dachshund dwarfish was brought in Germany and intended for hunting for the animals living in holes (a rabbit, foxes). In spite of the fact that the dachshund is quite small and unsightly, she very well copes with such dangerous animal as a badger.

Breed of Dog Dwarfish Rate
the Dwarfish rate is small, long and very amusing doggie, with short pads and long ears. >
differ with

of the Dachshund with figcaption by the size, a type of wool and a color. The size of dachshunds is standard, dwarfish and rabbit. Exists a decorative species of a dachshund.

The mini-dachshund is very clever animal. Now such pets are brought as room doggies for this reason they often can begin to hunt domestic cats.

Breed of Dog Dwarfish Rate
the Mini-dachshund is very clever животным.

Особенности breeds

A dachshund dwarfish – really small breed of dog. If to compare it to a standard rate, dwarfish looks much less than the relative. Brought this breed for hunting too, but not to badgers, the small size and weight will not allow to hunt large animals. It was used for hunting for rabbits.

Even if the person is not a hunter, and gets dwarfish as a pet, it is the fine choice. Owners of private houses often complain that neighbour's cats come to their territory. The dachshund can easily cope with this problem, she not too loves cats and will save the owner from such trouble. But the dachshund will never touch the cat living with it in one house. She will begin to perceive him as the friend. The dachshund is extremely friendly with children, likes to play with them.

How to contain a dwarfish rate (video)

Nature of a dwarfish rate

It seems as if a tiny rate – a harmless and lovely animal, but it is quite dangerous by , it can bite and be scratched. Sometimes even the curious passerby who wishes to stroke a nice doggie receives a painful sting. Some cannot perceive a dachshund seriously and do not know about character of lovely dogs. Dachshunds kindly concern owners, but strangers need to steer clear.

Dwarfish rates are inquisitive therefore they with pleasure go to walks and to travel. Dogs do not love when they shout at them. They are sensitive therefore it is necessary to think well before raising a hand against them.

It is easy to train dwarfish dachshunds – they are clever. Can sometimes seem to the owner that his pet wishes to tell something.

Breed of Dog Dwarfish Rate

Care of a dog

It is simple to look after a dwarfish rate, but there are features about which it is necessary to know. The sleek-haired dachshund is unpretentious in leaving. It is necessary to watch that its wool was clean and healthy. For this purpose it is necessary to get a mitten sponge which is intended for hair rubbing of an animal. It is possible to use also a usual soft rag. It is required to comb a sleek-haired dachshund 2 times a week.

The wire-haired dwarfish dachshund is capable to cause slightly more problems as she needs to be combed out at least, than every other day and also not to forget to trim 2-3 times a year. It is possible to make this procedure in any salon or independently.

the Long-haired dachshund is quite exacting. She undersized therefore its wool can become soiled and roll down. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to comb well after each walk an animal. It is necessary to watch that ears and teeth of the pet were in purity carefully. It is important to check attentively an animal in the spring since this time of the year there is such problem as pincers which quite often creep in ears of dogs. Bathing it is necessary to carry out once a week or as the pet becomes soiled.

Breed of Dog Dwarfish Rate

The owner of any breed of dachshunds has to remember that it is necessary to watch eyes of an animal carefully. If eyes begin to suppurate, it is necessary to buy special solution in any drugstore and to wipe them. It is possible to use weak tea leaves of black tea. If reddenings, inflammations, tearfulness and other unpleasant symptoms became noticeable, it is necessary to address the expert.

It is necessary to watch claws and in time to cut off them. This procedure can be carried out as in special clinic, and at home. If the owner of a dog decides to carry out manipulations in house conditions, it is necessary to get special nippers. It is not necessary to cut off claws too close to a finger – it can become the trauma reason. It is necessary to cut off them on 3-4 mm from edge. After the procedure was carried out, it is necessary to process claws a file or just to take a walk with the favourite in asphalt that will be the best option for an animal.

Breed of Dog Dwarfish Rate

pet Food

The extremely important role in health of a dog is played by food. It is necessary to feed correctly a puppy in order that the healthy and strong dog grew from him. For a start it is necessary to understand how many once a day should be given food to a puppy. Dogs can have an excess weight therefore it is not necessary to overfeed them. Puppies of a dwarfish rate can eat much and gain excess weight quickly therefore to give too much food perniciously for health of an animal.

If the puppy eats too much, it can influence joints. Chetyrekhkhmesyachny puppies should be fed 5-6 times a day each 2-3 hours. If the dog leaves something in a bowl, so the owner incorrectly calculated a portion. You should not leave leftovers in a bowl, it is necessary to remove them that the puppy did not get used to meal when it it wants to it, without the mode, and did not gain excess weight.

Puppies age have to eat more than 4 months food 3-4 times a day. An adult animal – 1-2 times a day.

The choice of a forage – an important question. The dry feed is not too useful to dogs, it can promote different development of diseases and also cause many problems with intestines and kidneys. It does not mean that the dry feed cannot be given to dogs. It is worth limiting its reception or to give it as encouragement. Dogs need to be fed with specially cooked food. It is worth including meat, fish, dairy and fermented milk products in a diet of dachshunds.
of Svinin is strictly forbidden. Can cook meat broth to which grain is added. Then it is possible to add vitamins to porridge. Cod-liver oil and calcium which surely should be used to puppies is useful. Types of food should be differentiated, not to mix at all. It is worth watching closely the weight of a dog.

Breed of Dog Dwarfish Rate

of the Disease of the pet

The animal can have diabetes, have problems with a backbone, a cataract. Dachshunds often catch a cold, can catch pneumonia, problems of kidneys and a cardiovascular system.

the Dog can get sick with a distemper, rage and other viral diseases. That such problems did not arise, it is necessary to do inoculations. The first vaccination should be done in 2 months, then in 6-7 months, and following – in 1 year. Further the inoculation becomes once a year.

Interesting colors

There is a set of colors of dwarfish rates, but a dachshund of a tiger color – extremely rare species. She is capable to attract interest of any manufacturer. Primary color is red with dark strips. The nose can be either black, or brown.

An interesting color is "double marble". Such dogs can have blue eyes or heterochromia. They can be born without hearing or sight.

White and spotty animals have distinctive feature – primary color white, but are present at wool different flowers of a spot. It looks nicely.

All about breed of dog a dachshund (video)

Many consider a "sable" color red. Most often such color can be met at long-haired dachshunds. At roots hairs are lighter, and on the ends – black. Chocolate with subdead – surprising color which makes a dog lovely and interesting. Primary color is chocolate, and burn marks lighter.

The beige-brown color is original. It is called izabellovy. To estimate all beauty and a variety of colourings of dwarfish rates, it is necessary to look at them alive.

Where to buy a puppy

Puppies of tiny rates should be bought in nurseries as there are people who try to sell not purebred kids. Important accurately and attentively to choose a puppy that in the future there were no problems with his health.

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