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to an affenpinscher with whom she has the general roots. Representatives of this breed are most extended to territories of the United States and in Europe, but in Russia griffons are not enough.

Breed of Dog Griffon
Breed of dog the griffin at the moment is a one of most популярных.

Порода dogs the griffin at the moment is one of the most popular. The prevalence and love of numerous manufacturers bought these lovely doggies thanks to not only to the unusual attractive appearance, but also friendly and obedient character. Despite a certain similarity to Pekineses, griffons have absolutely other temper.

Breed of Dog Griffon
Breed of dog the griffon belongs to комнатно-декоративной.

История origins of breed

This breed of dog belongs to room and decorative. Its historical homeland is Belgium where at the end of the 19th century and this breed of dog was presented. Nevertheless ancestors of griffons are unknown, and some experts claim that this breed of dog is about 500 years old.

Most of cynologists believe that ancestors of griffons are affenpinschers, but other experts, on the contrary, claim that the affenpinscher occurred after appearance of a griffon.

In spite of the fact that today doggies are considered as decorative pets, many years ago they were used only for catching of small rodents. Griffons lived in warehouses, farms and ports where they also exterminated rats. But after a while doggies got into the royal family and after that turned from working dogs into decorative.

Soon representatives of breed extended practically worldwide. There was an amusing pet even at the queen of Serbia Draghi. But life in its palace was not long and cloudless. As the queen constantly stayed in fear for the life and was afraid to be poisoned, she before each meal allowed to taste food to a dog. Finally Draghi's fears were confirmed, and soon the doggie really got poisoned with food. Thus, the pet saved life to the person of royal blood.

of Feature of breed griffon (video)

of the Version and appearance

Griffons are divided into several types at once:

  • Bruxelles;
  • psi-brabanson (Brabant);
  • Belgian griffon.

The general name of breed came from French and has no relation to the mythical being of the same name with the head of an eagle and a trunk of a lion. In translation the griffon sounds as "wire-haired". Despite such name, representatives are not only wire-haired. Quite often also the sleek-haired griffon, meets longer wool.

Each separate species of a griffon has the distinctive features and features. First of all they have obvious external distinctions. For example, the Belgian griffons can be only a black or black and subdead color and possess a hardish, short hair. The Bruxelles type has red color of wool which on the structure quite rigid, rather short, with an underfur. Psi-brabanson can be any above-stated color, but its wool at the same time long and smooth. The peculiar small beard giving to the pet a little severe and at the same time naughty looking is also characteristic of the last kind of griffons.

Griffons are quite small size and in growth reach about 28 cm. As for weight, pretty pets reach 5 kg. Wool at sleek-haired and long-haired individuals rigid.

Breed of Dog Griffon

Character and temperament

The griffon is very sociable and friendly breed of dog. Therefore before acquisition of a puppy of a griffon it is necessary to consider the fact that pets categorically do not transfer loneliness. They cannot be long time far from the favourite owner. To people who have no rather free time and are not ready to spend much time with the four-footed favourite, it is better not to buy a dog of this breed.

From griffons magnificent partners turn out. They have sensitive and good-natured character and are not inclined to manifestation of unreasonable aggression and cowardice. Pretty doggies need attention and love of the owner and all family members, to which get used quickly enough. Separation from members of household is taken very hard. Despite friendliness, in temperament of griffons there is a place of pride and self-admiration. It is excessive to indulge the pet it is impossible, otherwise he will grow up impudent and selfish.

Dogs of this breed quite peaceful and devoted pets. Never are shown and do not go obstinate, adore communicating with members of household and treat strangers calmly. Only drunk strangers as movements of the person of a raskoordinirovana are drunk can cause insignificant aggression in a griffon, and the dog sees in it threat.

Representatives of this breed of dog are very vigilant and careful, but at the same time extremely seldom bark without the reason, weighty on that, and are capable to regard a situation adequately. Griffons possess steady mentality therefore it is difficult to bring them out of a quiet state. Such qualities allow to buy a dog of this breed to people in whose family there are small children. Thanks to the small size, pretty doggies perfectly are suitable for contents in the small-sized apartment. If the owner has no opportunity to walk a dog every morning, then the dog can be accustomed to a tray.

Breed of Dog Griffon

Griffons treat children kindly and adore playing with them. But the rough games causing discomfort to a dog can anger a griffon. The dog will not bite the child, but can begin to roar or grin.

Little doggies have also dedication and determination. On the ill-wisher the griffon can grin and even a misfortune as he, unlike other melkoporodny dogs, will not hide behind the back of the owner in emergency situation.

Griffons allow to iron themselves and to caress, and the companies of adults prefer games with children. Easily transfer travel even to a long distance and do not try to get out of a bag carrying.

To the guests who came to the house of their owner, griffons belong very good-natured and with pleasure get to them on knees if they see the friendly relation from their party. Like to meet other pets . But at the first meeting of a griffon with a large dog the owner needs to be extremely attentive. The big dog can offend a lovely doggie and first show aggression.

Breed of Dog Griffon

of Feature of leaving and keeping of a griffon

Care of the four-footed companion will hardly bring upon the owner a lot of trouble. Their hair does not need constant comb-outs, will enough untangle it by means of a special dense comb.

Water procedures should not be too frequent too – in a year there will be quite enough 10 bathings. After each walk to bathe a griffon with use of shampoo there is no need. Especially as dogs of this breed, unlike the majority of pedigree dogs, do not like to take baths. Puppies are still ready to plunge into the water after the owner as they are afraid to lose sight of him, but adult individuals will hardly make such act. Only in hot weather a griffon can voluntarily jump in water.

The unusual small beard of a pet needs to be washed after each meal, otherwise the doggie will wipe it about furniture. As for the food, when feeding the pet natural food it is necessary to exclude from it tubular chicken stones and meat of chicken. As at griffons quite weak intestines, they cannot digest bones, and splinters of tubular stones can injure stomach walls at all.

In food pets are not choosy, do not need the regular use of a large number of meat. In day for a pet there will be enough about 250 g of meat. Besides meat, the diet of a griffon can be filled with various porridges and soups. Those owners who have no enough free time can use the production forages which are on sale in supermarkets and pet-shops for feeding of a dog. Qualitative tinned and dry feeds are enriched with all necessary minerals and nutrients. But at the same time the diet of the pet should not make only a dry feed as such food can lead to locks.

Breed of Dog Griffon

Training and education

So, as for griffons, this breed of dog is friendly, but whether lovely doggies give in to training? Representatives of this breed of dog well give in to training. It is possible to begin it after achievement of 10-month age by the pet better with simple teams.

As at pretty doggies rather developed muscles, it is impossible to deprive of them physical activities. At the same time to send a griffon on training platforms till several hours day there is no need, will be 15-minute daily jog quite enough. Long walks are also tiresome for the pet and therefore 20 minutes will be quite enough.

It is desirable to begin process of socialization with early age. If the griffon treats the Bruxelles type, then it has more aggressive character, unlike other versions. For this reason such pet will hardly equally treat all family members therefore you should not be surprised if he is tender only with the owner. In this case the owner who is recognized by a dog has to adjust the relations of a dog and members of household.

How to understand language of dogs (video)

During walks it is possible to acquaint the pet not only with the world around, but also strangers. Thus, being still a puppy, the dog will understand that strangers do not pose for her a threat, and further will not show aggression.

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